Sunday AM

Got my HRA evaluation this morning.  Guess what my score was?  181,149 points!  Whoa!  That’s even higher than I had hoped.  And of course, what came with it was the Two-Story Model house!  Hooray!  Now I just need Nookington’s and the Museum (I think) to finish the model set.  I wonder why there’s no Able’s shop model.

It was REALLY tough to find Joan this morning, because I was afraid of walking on the snow since I didn’t want it to disappear.  But I didn’t find her near any of my paths, so I ended up treading everywhere anyway, and I probably killed a lot of grass/snow.  Sigh… then of course she turned out to be hiding between trees right by Bree’s house, which was pretty annoying.  She was selling for 108 bells and I had a lot of money in my pocket so I bought 3 batches of 50.  Hopefully that’ll work out for me.


Twinx under the Northern Lights.
Twinx under the Northern Lights.

As you can see, last night we had Northern Lights in Shaolin!  Twinx spotted them first, on her way to listen to K.K. Slider at the Cafe.  I took a picture with her since she never is in any photos, cuz Squirt is always playing!  I like this picture because it also looks like the Pac Man constellation is going to eat the moon.  Double point score lol!

In the city, I visited the HRA HQ to get my results.  It was the same as last week though.  I guess you can’t improve on perfection!  Heheh!  But then I went to GracieGrace.  And who do I find in there?  None other than Gracie herself!  I asked her for her “fashion advice” but she was totally impressed with my Samus helmet and Varia suit.  She even said that my shoes matched, which she thought was cool because she claimed many people overlook footwear.  Then she told me that as a reward, I’d be given a 10% discount off everything in the store.  But it’s just for right now!  I only have 6K, and I don’t have my Gold Card on me.  Grrrrr!  How useless lol!


Gracie, after giving me a one-time 10% discount
Gracie, after giving me a one-time 10% discount

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