Sunday AM

Joan didn’t have red turnip seeds ONCE AGAIN! I have a feeling it has something to do w/the TTing I’ve been doing. Oh well, its not like there’s that much point to growing them in this game anyway. I bought 50 white turnips at 94 bells each.

I could actually find the snowballs today so I made a new perfect snowman. Hooray! I got a Snowman Carpet as a reward.  

In the city there was no Kicks for a new shoeshine. Dammit! I got a makeover at Shampoodle’s and got my debbie Mii mask.  

My HRA Evaluation came in the mail this morning.  It said I scored 70,418 points.  I actually was hoping it would be higher, but I guess I have to complete the furniture series before I put it out since it doesn’t score full points.  That’s ok, I’m getting the Jingle set on Wednesday so I will have all new furniture to play with!

Last night I got two songs from K.K. Slider (using Squirt and Twinx).  I got “Mr. K.K.” and “The K. Funk” which can both be found in my stereo.  The K. Funk is my new favorite!

Cube changed his mind and decided he wants me to “pick out holiday clothes for him.”  Umm.. ok?

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