Friday PM

PM turnip price is 141.  Guess this would’ve been the time to sell!

OK Twinx’s turn to talk to Serena.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwww!  You noticed!  I picked up some new clothes!  The design is the same, though.  Being a goddess and all, I can’t exactly just grab stuff off the rack.  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

I said “Nothing, I’m OK.”

Serena:  …Really?  Come on now, you don’t have to be shy.  All right, then…  Here’s your axe back.  I’ll let you go this time, but I don’t know what’ll happen if you do it again!  B’bye now!

Dammit!  I thought for sure that I’d get something good from that.  Oh well.  It’s interesting how her dialog changes based on how many times the character has visited her, rather than the day of the week.  (I know this because she said the same thing to Squirt yesterday, and I didn’t log in as Twinx yesterday.  Today she said something different to Squirt.)

Twinx paid off 47K bells towards her house loan.  Now she’s down to only…. uhh 200,000 bells to go!  Maybe I should focus on finishing Squirt’s house first?  Or should I make sure I have over a million bells before I do anything else?  (That last one sounds like the right answer!)

But I really want a lighthouse.  Pal has one in Cairnie, and it looked really cute!  I took a picture but it’s stuck on my Wii, of course.  Someday I’ll get an SD card reader….

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