It’s the first of February!  That means it’s time to go get a new monthly charm, and to check out the new seasonal items at GracieGrace!  I bought a pack of red turnip seeds, but I’m giving up on white turnips for a while.  I’ll still post the prices, but actually worrying about selling them is too annoying!

By the way, the HRA scored my house at 200,868 points.  Whoa!  “You have some especially unusual decorations, so we’re awarding you a lucky bonus!”  That’s what Lyle said.  Apparently Twinx got the HRA Model Room honors this week.  Good for her!

OK time for the monthly charm:

I have revealed for you a hidden charm that brings happiness out of trees…  Yesss…  You must plant flower seeds in Shaolin.  A total of 3…  This is Shaolin’s February charm…  However, it will have no effect if YOU perform this charm…  It must be performed by a visitor from another town, and it may be that only THEY reap the charm’s reward!

For the record, Katie sent me an Apple TV.  Now my fruit set is complete!


There are two new residents in Shaolin.  Dan and Deb!  They just moved in and are excited to be a part of Shaolin!  Their character info will be available on the All About Squirt page shortly.

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