Saturday – Valentine’s Day!

It’s a bright, sunny Saturday morning.  Squirt came out of his house, expecting someone to be standing outside his house, offering love and chocolates.  No such luck.  I think that’s only on your birthday.  So Squirt went to check the mail.  Inside was a letter from Magoo, who sent him an item he needed for his catalog – a Saw Horse!  There was also a letter from Peanut, which was very pathetic and sad, and a little creepy.  Here’s what it said:

Like, to Squirt,

I’m gonna move.  It’s hard to leave, since we’re BFFs and stuff…  But I have a picture of you that I took when you weren’t looking, so I’ll never forget you!

From your BFF, Peanut

I’m not exactly sure why she thinks we were BFFs, but whatever.  She’s gone now!!  YAY!

Squirt was very excited when a letter from Ruby said HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  Someone loves Squirt!  “You don’t know what I went through to get this premium chocolate.  Don’t just eat it.  TASTE it!” is what she wrote in her letter.  And finally, shoved in the back of the mailbox, was a little note from that silly kitten, Katie.  UGH, and inside is my least favorite Katie item, the Portrait!  I already have one!!  And I hate it!!!  UGH.  Guess this will be saved for the Auction House next week.

A pink rose hybrid appeared this morning, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

So far I’m leading the Fishing Tourney with a 43.1 inch Sea Bass.  I still have my Tuna in reserves, should I need it to beat a ridiculous score.  

Squirt stopped by the Roost, as part of his usual morning routine, and took his regular seat at the bar.  Brewster seemed to have a little secret, as he said “Drink up…” I sensed a little mischief.  Squirt drank it down, and realized – wait a second!  This is hot chocolate!  Brewster laughed and said “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Awww!  How sweet.


Thanks, Brewster!
Thanks, Brewster!


Squirt saw something wierd, right in front of Nookington’s was a cat.  A white cat, with no face.  It’s Blanca!  I was wondering when she’d show up!  I gave her a face with big sunglasses and a tongue sticking out.  I was going to take a picture but she just wouldn’t hold still.  Oh well!

I went to the city and luckily it wasn’t snowing there today.  I went to Kicks, who asked if I’d like to try a ‘cuter’ style for my shoes!  I guess that means I can get girl’s shoes now!  I opted against it for now tho.  Maybe next time.

OK, gotta go do things in REAL LIFE for Valentine’s Day!  I’ll be back with more later, probably!

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