Today is the Fishing Tourney!  How exciting!  I have two Tuna fish in my basement in case I need them.

But I just talked to Chip and he said today is the “Dab Fishing Tourney”.  The person who submits the biggest Dab by 6pm is the winner.  This is going to be trickier than I thought!  Too bad I can’t use those tunas lol!

Daisy is already throwing out fighting words and said I’m going to lose today.  BITCH!  (well, she is a female dog…)

AM turnip price is 77 bells.

I submitted a 23.0 inch Dab that is currently winning!  Woo Hooo!


The Fishing Tourney
The Fishing Tourney



PM turnip price is 73 bells.

I found a little hot spot where I’ve been finding a lot of Dabs.  It happens to be the beach right in front of my house!  But everything I catch seems to be smaller than 23 inches.  I think that means I’ve got the best fish!  Now I’ll just wait for the results tomorrow.

  • Curly wants a dung beetle.

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