Did everyone remember to display an item at the Auction House this weekend?  I know I did!  Both Squirt and Deb left something on display with Lloid.  Somebody please bid on them next week!  🙂

Yesterday was the Fishing Tourney.  Chip wanted only Black Bass submissions.  Whoever had the biggest bass was going to win!  Squirt’s had enough of fishing tourneys for now, so Deb decided to give it a go.  She found TONS of black bass, luckily it was an easy fish to catch in this tournament!  Ruby had the lead at 20.4 inches, but then Deb found a black bass that was 23.4 inches!

Woot!  Deb caught the biggest fish!
Woot! Deb caught the biggest fish!

Squirt had been wearing a Canucks jersey the past few weeks, because that was a hockey team in the playoffs that I particularly liked.  Sadly for them, the Canucks lost and got booted out of the finals.  So I decided it was time for Squirt to get a makeover!  Now it’s all about the watermelon costume!  I even got red hair to go with it.  It’s pretty cute, I guess!

I logged in later on to make sure that Deb won the fishing tourney.  I also managed to accomplish something else…

Yay, I caught the elusive.... moth.
Yay, I caught the elusive.... moth.

Umm… I do think moths are scary.

Today was less exciting.  I found two orange roses.  One of my grass re-patching areas was completely filled in with grass, so I transplanted the flowers to a new re-patching zone.  We’re almost done fixing up the grass problem in Shaolin!  Hooray!

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