Saturday PM

At the time of the last post, I stopped playing around 2 PM.  I knew that a Sea Bass probably wasn’t going to cut it.  So I logged in again around 5 PM, so I could double-check that I was still in the lead.  Unfortunately, when I talked to Chip, he said that Apollo had taken the lead, with a 46 inch Sea Bass.  Doh!  I should have known, seeing as eagles are excellent at fishing, lol!  I knew I still had some time, so I thought I’d try fishing again and see if I can find a bigger bass or something.  I started by the river, but it was pretty crowded already…

Cube and Daisy are hogging all the fish here...
Cube and Daisy are hogging all the fish here...

Obviously I wasn’t going to find any good fish here!  So I went down to the beach, and started looking for big fish.  Mostly all I could catch were Horse Mackerels, of course.  But I saw a large shadow, and figured it was worth a shot!  Maybe I’d at least catch a Sea Bass bigger than Apollo’s.  Luckily for me, I pulled out a huge Tuna instead!!  I ran straight to Chip to have him measure it.

Woo Im in the lead!
Woo I'm in the lead!

I was able to hold onto the lead for the rest of the tournament, and Chip told me that I was the winner after 6 PM!  Hooray!  I guess I’ll be getting yet another gold trophy?  What am I supposed to do with all these things anyway?

A little while later, I ran into Blanca yet again, as she was still wandering around town.  (How does she see if she doesn’t really have eyes?)  I really wanted to take a picture of her (and my handiwork) so I went over to talk to her.

Its Blanca!
It's Blanca!

Well, I think so Blanca!  I drew it, after all!  Before logging off, Squirt wanted to get a song from K.K. Slider.  He decided to go with “I Love You” since it’s Valentine’s Day and all.  Then Twinx decided she wanted to go and get the other romantic themed song, titled “K.K. Love Song.”  

But before she went anywhere, Twinx checked her mail, hoping to find a valentine card from an admirer.  Imagine her dismay when she only received this letter:

Valentines Day Fake Out!
Valentine's Day Fake Out!

Nothing was attached.  Rowan was just bragging about his valentine, and sent nothing to poor Twinx!  I guess that means only one Chocolate Heart can be found in Shaolin… this year, anyway!  

All in all it was a very fun holiday!  Valentines and fish don’t usually go hand in hand, but this year it was a perfect combination!

  • Side Note:  I’d like to make a shout out to my new friends Russell and… his roommate, who like to read my blog!  Hopefully they’ll get their friend codes figured out soon, so we can WiFi sometime!  🙂

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