Halloween in my Pocket!

October is SUCH the best month. Definitely for me, in 2018 at least. Earlier this month I attended New York Comic Con (and co-hosted the super fun Pokemon Feud Game Show!) and the following week I went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas for a work conference… but the fun hasn’t stopped there! Now that I’m back to the monotony of daily life, my favorite mobile games have stepped it up to provide more enjoyment via fun Halloween in-game events!

Screenshot_20181023-190755_Pokémon GO

Screenshot_20181024-114107_Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO recently debuted a new Halloween event yesterday, bringing lots of spooky ghost and dark types to capture. I don’t know why they sent the news update in Japanese, but hey that’s cool! There are also cute witch Pikachu to find, as you can see… so yay! But of course, this is nothing compared to the Halloween fun we’ve been having in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

Halloween technically started in late September in ACPC. Mayor Gluxie has been trying to pick which costume to wear for Halloween, and she’s been asking her friends their opinions. So far she STILL hasn’t made a decision.


Charlise thought the Eevee costume was maybe a bit much.


Carney has been rocking the new witchy dress, which looks very cute… but Mayor Gluxie didn’t get that dress in her creepy fortune cookies. So she tried a Little Red Riding Hood costume, but it’s a little too CUTE for Halloween, right?

Screenshot_20181022-214056_Pocket Camp

Carney was supportive as Mayor Gluxie tried on some more costumes, settling on a Princess Peach cosplay by dinner time. But it’s still too cute right?? Where are the scary costumes??

Luckily, a new fishing event just started with Jack the Pumpkin King. Players can catch candy fish to trade in towards randomly selected items from Jack’s list.. including jack-o-lantern outfits, devil horns and a skeleton costume! That’s more like it!

Screenshot_20181023-232424_Pocket Camp

Screenshot_20181024-110809_Pocket Camp

But you have to work for them. You have to fish a LOT. I rented the Golden Fishing Rod to help me out. I still need the skeleton pants. It’s only a matter of time!

Screenshot_20181024-110946_Pocket Camp

Now, we all know that there is more to Halloween than just costumes. Decoration is very important too! But we already did that part… earlier this month we had an ACPC gardening event to earn creepy decor for our campsites too. Check out Mayor Gluxie’s new Creepy Graveyard Main Stage!

Screenshot_20181024-110457_Pocket Camp

So what do you think of Mayor Gluxie’s costume choices? What are YOU planning to wear for Halloween? Time’s running out!!

3 thoughts on “Halloween in my Pocket!

  1. CarneyVorous

    I LOVE the skeleton costume! Peach is cute too because like you IRL. I think I’ll change for Halloween. I’m super annoyed that with the witch dress you can’t see the super cute witch shoes that don’t match with anything else!

    1. gluxbox

      LOL so true the shoes are completely hidden in that dress, what is the point of that? I am still looking forward to the devil horns… that’s really what Gluxie needs lol

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