Glux Reviews: Clumsy Rush

Everyone knows about Fall Guys, the crazy online multiplayer where you compete for the crown! High stakes! Frustration! Wacky obstacles! It’s a lot of fun. But it’s only on PC and PS4 right now. While we still hope for crossplay and expanding out to other consoles, right now the reach is a bit limited.

When I discovered Clumsy Rush on the Nintendo eShop, I was surprised by how much it reminded me of Fall Guys. You are still competing for a crown and stumbling through a tricky obstacle course. But Clumsy Rush is different in a notable way for cautious parents of young kids: it’s not online. It’s a local two-player race instead of a massive online shitstorm. An ideal alternative for youngins who just got a Nintendo Switch for the holidays and are sad that Fall Guys is not available on their console!

Check out my video review (and subscribe to my YouTube channel!) if you want to learn more:

What do you think about Clumsy Rush? I purchased it on sale for $2, and the internet tells me that the current full price is $5. Still worth it, in my opinion!

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