Glux Reviews: I Love You, Colonel Sanders

OMG! A free game! Ok, maybe those aren’t TOO hard to come by these days, but when I heard about the free dating simulator “I Love You, Colonel Sanders” I had to try it out. The game trailer seemed so action packed! Characters flying in from all directions, beautifully illustrated fried chicken… it looked like a nod to one of my favorite anime series, Food Wars.

The game started out by playing on my heart strings… with a biscuit load screen.

But flashy illustrations of KFC goodness aside, the game is not at all like Food Wars. Or even… a game. It’s basically a mildly animated story. You can make a few small decisions along the way, and the choices probably don’t affect the outcome very much. Yes, you have to try to win Colonel Sanders’ affections, but it’s not hard to figure out what the right answer would be. There is zero challenge in this game.

It was a fun way for me to practice character voices though!

Aside from just reading dialog 75% of the time, there was one ‘battle’ in the game that you had to play RPG style. Kind of. Not sure if it counts.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to give away every part of the game. You do have to make a few decisions in an effort to win Colonel Sanders’ heart. Will you sell out your best friend? Outsmart your rival? Cook the best mashed potatoes of your LIFE??!?!?

Try it out for yourself! The game is free, only takes about an hour to play, and leaves you craving for KFC at the end. As far as marketing campaigns go, I think KFC did a great job because the free game did result in me buying chicken. I’m pretty sure that was their goal. Because clearly, making an exciting game was not their goal! xD

You can watch all of my video highlights from “I Love You, Colonel Sanders” on my YouTube playlist, or check out full replays of the livestream broadcasts on my Twitch Channel!

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