2011 Glux Blog in Review

Check this out!  The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,100 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


It’s Video Games Day!

Huzzah!  Guess what folks?  It’s Video Games Day!  Apparently in the USA (or North America?  I don’t really know.) today is a national holiday celebrating gaming!  Who knew?

Now the REAL question is… how to celebrate?  Do you go on a marathon gaming spree playing one game for 6-8 hours straight?  Nintendo wouldn’t recommend that if you’re playing a 3DS by the way!  (You’re eyes will cross and explode in their sockets.)  What about playing every game that you own for 20 minutes?  Or maybe you can celebrate by going to GameStop, Toys R Us or whatever, and buying as many games as your bank account can afford?  Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Video Games Day!  But the important thing is to play your games with pride and without hesitation!


Blog Overhaul

Hello readers!  If you are seeing this post, you may have noticed that my blog looks a little different.  That’s because I’ve decided to change the theme of my blog – I want to expand the focus of my entries.  Instead of my blog being exclusively about my AC:CF town, Shaolin, I want to write about all Nintendo games.  More specifically, 3DS games that I’ve been playing much more lately!  So I will be writing more but I just wanted to give you all a heads up.  I don’t plan on deleting my old Shaolin entries (I don’t want to delete all that hard work lol!) so you can find the info about my town in the archives and in the AC:CF dropdown menu above.  Thanks for visiting, and come back soon for more Nintendo related blog stuff!  🙂


Hi everyone!  You probably all thought I’d given up on AC.  And that would be partly true…  I haven’t played ACCF consistently in quite a while.  It’s sad, I know.  I will get back into it eventually, but for now I’ve just been preoccupied with other games.  Pokemon has basically taken over, and I’ve been busy working on the PokeCenter network that I created for Pokemon players.  If you like playing any Pokemon game, please feel free to join my social network!  It’s free, we have lots of smart players there, a chat room has been added, and there’s contests and stuff!

Anyway, back on task.  I know I’ve missed a lot of DLC.  I’ll work on catching up with that soon.  I wanted to post the newest JP DLC news:

For those who can’t read Japanese, the JP DLC is “Kintarou” and “Kintarou no Haragake”.  After a bit of sleuthing I’ve determined that the Kintarou is a wig to make your character look like the Kintarou character from Japanese folklore.  I’ll quote from Wikipedia:  “Kintarō as an image is characterized with a Masakari ax, a Haragake Japanese-style apron and sometimes a tame bear.”  I don’t know about the bear, but the haragake appears to be a shirt pattern.  It should be cute!  I can’t wait to visit Orenji and pick up the new DLC next month!

As for US DLC… yeah right.  They haven’t even updated the DLC website in a looong time.  So don’t hold ur breath.  lol

In other AC news, I recently bought a copy of Animal Crossing: Game Cube for $10.  I’ve never played ACGC before so I didn’t know what to expect.  It is actually a lot different from ACWW and ACCF!  There is no ‘rolling log’ effect when you walk around, so navigating is a little awkward.  I LOVE my Gyroid Assistant though, it’s so cute!  I wish they’d kept that in the newer games.  If you’re wondering, I named my new ACGC town something very mature and grownup…  “Uranus”.  😛

That’s about all I have to report.  Sorry I’ve been neglecting you guys.  Feel free to follow my Tumblr blog, as I usually update that with random stuff fairly frequently.  And as I wrote before, join up at the PokeCenter if you want to talk about pokemon related stuff!!  xD

Shaolin Year in Review

I meant to make this a little sooner but I just never got around to it.  But finally, I have created my first annual “Shaolin Year in Review” video!  Well, it’s actually a slideshow of my favorite photos and events from November 2008 – November 2009.  It’s not very fancy or anything, but I hope you like it!

Note:  I literally have over a THOUSAND photos from the past year.  These pictures are only a small sample.  Please visit my Flickr page to see all my old photos… well, as far back as my free account will allow.  Or go thru the Shaolin Blog Archives, there’s some old photos from last year in those old entries too!


I just found out this afternoon that my friend from ACUKE was infected with the DimentioMsk HDLC Virus.  😦  Since I recently visited a UK town to get the new DLC items, I am likely to be infected as well, since my ACUKE friends visit each other often.

The good news is that (from what I’ve researched) this doesn’t mess up my Wii system.  The only problem is the fact that this is HDLC, which is of course “hacked” DLC content.  That means that the DimentioMsk is taking up a memory slot that Nintendo might want to use to distribute a new DLC item.  If Nintendo uses the same exact slot to release a DLC, I won’t be able to see the new item.  I’ll only see the HDLC item that is already stored there.  Sorry if this is too technical, but I can’t think of a simpler way to explain this.

The reason this is called a virus is due to the way it is spread.  Since the hacker who created this code copied an item from Able’s Shop, then this HDLC will go into the shop’s inventory rotation.  I might not see the DimentioMsk item in the store for months.  The problem is, you can pass on this HDLC ‘virus’ to anybody that you WIFI with.  That means that anyone you come into contact with will also get the virus.  😦  So basically that means that all my friends that I saw today are probably infected too.

I’m very sorry.  I am not a hacker.  I don’t approve of hacking code to change the game.  I wish there was something I could do about this, but the only way to stop it would be to restart my whole game!  I really hope Nintendo finds a fix for this, or at least I hope the HDLC doesn’t interfere with any new DLC coming out in the future.


The Prima Guide is crappy.  I don’t like how all the clothes are listed separately from the matching hats and accessories.  If I had been developing this guide, I definitely would have kept the sets together!  I mean, Mabel usually tells you if you are buying something that will match another item.   I wish I had been writing those hints down, cuz now I’m trying to assemble a list of “costumes” that have matching hats or accessories.  This is in NO way complete, in any order, or definitely correct – it’s just based on my memory, the guide, and what seems to go together.  

PLEASE comment if you know of anything I forgot, or if something was posted that needs correction!  And for fun, I’ll color the items I don’t have in blue.

  • Detective Hat & Detective Outfit
  • Top Hat & Tuxedo
  • Gracie Hat & Gracie’s Top (I know there are accessories too but let’s not get crazy lol)
  • Festive Hat & Jingle Shirt
  • Big Bro’s Hat & Big Bro’s Shirt
  • Lil Bro’s Hat & Lil Bro’s Shirt
  • Chef’s Hat & Chef’s Outfit
  • Combat Helmet & Military Uniform
  • Scholar’s Hat & Graduation Gown
  • Safety Helmet & Orange Jumpsuit??  
  • Police Cap & Security Shirt
  • Explorer’s Hat & Explorer’s Shirt
  • Captain’s Hat & Captain’s Shirt
  • Outback Hat & Western Shirt
  • Dutch Hat & Dutch Shirt
  • Sombrero & Poncho?
  • Pirate’s Hat & Pirate’s Coat
  • Jester’s Cap & Jester Shirt
  • Witch Hat & Witch Shirt
  • Melon Hat & Melon Shirt
  • Strawberry Hat & Strawberry Shirt
  • Kiwi Hat & Kiwi Shirt
  • Mardarin Hat & Citrus Shirt
  • Watermelon Hat & Watermelon Shirt
  • Grape Hat & Grape Shirt
  • Royal Crown & Royal Shirt
  • Crown & Princess Shirt??  (maybe?)
  • Fireman’s Hat & Firefighter Tee
  • Warbonnet & Folk Tunic
  • Cow Bone & Caveman Tunic
  • Samurai Wig (or is it the Helmet?) & Samurai Suit
  • Geisha Wig & Kimono?
  • Ninja Hood & Burglar’s Shirt
  • Bunny Hood & Fluffy Shirt???
  • Cat Cap & Cat Top
  • Bear Cap & Bear Top
  • Frog Cap & Frog Top
  • Kappa Cap & Kappa Suit
  • Hero’s Cap & Hero’s Clothes
  • Racing Helmet & Racing Shirt
  • Knight’s Helmet & Armor Suit (but what about the Scale Armor Suit?  Does that match anything?)
  • Roman Helmet & Gold Armor Suit
  • Space Helmet & Space Suit
  • Wrestling Mask & Wrestler Shirt
  • Dressing & Mummy Shirt
  • Red Zap Helmet & Red Zap Suit
  • Blue Zap Helmet & Blue Zap Suit
  • Green Zap Helmet & Green Zap Suit
  • Pink Zap Helmet & Pink Zap Suit
  • Samus’ Mask & Varia Suit
  • Toad Hat & Toad Shirt
  • King Tut Mask & Egyptian Outfit
  • Bridal Veil & Cake Shirt