Glux Reviews: Superliminal

Have you ever had a lucid dream? Honestly, I haven’t. But when I played Superliminal, I thought that this is probably the closest thing to having one! Superliminal is a really cool indie game by Pillow Castle Games which takes you through a puzzle world like no other – the complexity of your dreams!

You wake up in a small room with a bed and a nighstand – your character in the game had signed up for an experimental dream-based treatment that unfortunately goes awry. It is up to you to take advantage of the unique physics of this dream world to proceed through the levels and complete the game. This is easier said than done, and sometimes you really have to think outside the box!

The puzzle world gets more and more complicated as you proceed through the game, and the optical illusions that come into play can be infuriatingly/delightfully confusing for players! It’s essential to understand how to use the game mechanics to bend the reality of size and space, and players have to be fearless and willing to experiment with crazy ideas in order to make it through certain parts of the game.

I love how different Superliminal is from most other puzzle games that I’ve tried. It uses a first person perspective, which honestly gives me a bit of a headache after playing for a while, especially considering the optical illusions that you have to process! But despite that hurdle, it didn’t stop me from wanting to play the game and finish the story. I thought the story was very compelling, and without giving anything away… the ending is very profound. The graphics are beautiful and I highly recommend it, especially if you like mind-fuck puzzle games!

If you’re curious to take a closer look at Superliminal, you can watch me play the first two chapters in this highlight from when I was livestreaming the game as part of the December Indie Showcase:

Have you played Superliminal? What do you think about this game? Let me know in the comments!

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