Geek Out Challenge: Day 13

I’m at Day 13 of A Geeky Gal‘s 30 Day Geek Out Challenge! I’ve fallen behind again… Will be attempting to catch up this weekend!

I encourage all of my blogger friends to participate as well!

Day 13: Favorite Book Series?

If you’ve been following along at home, my answer was foreshadowed in a previous day of the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge.

It’s the MFing Lord of the Rings series, you guys!! Obviously!!!

Y’all can talk up Harry Potter all you want, but let’s face it: Harry was just a jock bully who grew up to be a cop! Big whoop! 😂

Lord of the Rings is in an entirely different league. It is not a book designed for children (that’d be The Hobbit, which is a fun light read but NO COMPARISON) and it’s epic length brings rich detail to the fantastical realm of Middle Earth.

Some might argue that LotR reads a bit like, well, the Bible in it’s long drawn out descriptions of family lineage for just about every character, but that sort of depth gives a story much more realness. The story of Frodo and the Lord of the Rings has a lot of influence from real life harshness of World Wars I and II that affected Tolkien’s personal life. As a writer, for Tolkien to develop these deep connections between characters and the full history of Middle Earth itself creates a much more immersive reading experience, because he truly created a complete fantasy world.

I don’t disagree that the books can be a tough read. Some books are just worth trudging through. If you can get into the story, there are beautiful gems of poems and song lyrics throughout the books, many of which never made it even close to being in the script, let alone the final edit of the Peter Jackson films. There are wonderful small characters that are also not in the movie but add so much more life and character to Middle Earth and the overall story.

I miss these books. They’re right on my shelf. I really should bust them out. If I could force myself to finish reading Stephen King’s It, I can re-read the Lord of the Rings! Someday… since I barely even have time to keep up with this 30 Day Geek Out Challenge!! lol

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