Monday AM

Busy morning!  Wendell is in town again, so i got a curved track from him.  I created another perfect snowman, hopefully he’ll give me the Snowman Wallpaper.  I’m almost done with the Snowman Series!  

Turnip price this morning is 99 bells.  I REALLY hope that this week is going to be steadily INCREASING instead of going down the tubes again.  Only time will tell!

Yesterday was a TNPS 5x Special day at Nookway.  Now I have enough points for Samus’ suit!  I ordered the shirt last night and the helmet today.  I should have a picture of it by tomorrow!

There have been MANY flower hybrid sightings in my town lately.  There are purple pansies, an orange rose, a purple rose, pink cosmos, black cosmos, and pink tulips.  The pink tulips have REALLY been going strong, four of them have sprouted up, with three of them happening just this past week.  All my pink tulips are near a cliff, and they have been growing so much that some of the roots somehow reached the area below the cliff!  It’s crazy so I took a picture lol!


Pink Tulips
Pink Tulips

So maybe even more pink tulips will grow down there, behind Jambette’s house!  I’m sure she won’t mind, hehe.  I’m really hoping I get a new neighbor in my town soon.  Butch left a while ago, and I don’t like having only 9 residents in town!  Hopefully it won’t take too much longer.

And hopefully the Nintendo WiFi servers are working today because I want to try out my new Wii Speak!  🙂

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