Oops I played earlier but I forgot to post!  It wasn’t a very exciting day, haven’t seen anyone’s gate open in a while.  That’s ok cuz I’ve been pretty busy lately anyway.  But there is some exciting news to report:  Chokomaru sent me a Bath Tile!  That means Deb can now finish her Spa Room!  YAY!  I ordered a bunch of spa stuff so I’ll be able to set it up tomorrow.

Been seeing more and more Jacob’s Ladders.  I like how my town is perfect without me even trying!  😛

Tomorrow is my birthday, so hopefully I will get a cake from one of the townies!  And my gates will be open early when I get up on Wednesday for Nature Day!  Come visit and get a Cool Globe from Tortimer!  (I think?  lol)

OH yeah, and Wendell was here today.  I never even bother talking to him, I have too many pattern designs already.  He’s the only visitor who seems to come to Shaolin regularly.  I kind of miss all the different special characters that would visit all the time in Wild World.  Oh well!

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