My daily visit to Serena:

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwwww!  You noticed!  This sweet girl down at the Glimmering Goddess beauty boutique made my eyelashes nice and curly!  Ohhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

I said a gold axe.

Serena:  Wow.  Don’t you think that’s pushing it a little?  Just because you get a little praise, doesn’t mean you should get a big head about it.  Sheesh.  …You know, I guess I am still mad!  No more reward!  I’m even going to keep your axe!  B’bye now!

Whoops.  I guess I blew it.  I think she hates me now.

AM turnip price is 58 bells.

Wendell is in town.  I don’t even know what pattern I want.

Wow, there’s a clearance going on at GracieGrace!  There’s almost nothing left, except the bed (which I already have… it’s selling for 150K, which is half of what I paid… grr!) and some outfits.  It makes me wonder if maybe the inventory will change at the start of February.  I mean, they can’t possibly have an empty store for another full month right?

Oohh, lots of good stuff at Crazy Redd’s this week!  I got a Lovely End Table (now all I need is the Lovely Kitchen to complete that series) a painting, and a Medicine Chest for the mad scientist series.

I ended up getting the Coloring House pattern from Wendell, so I could notate which paths lead to my house.  It’s cool to be efficient and user friendly! 

Yay, I just visited my friend Pal, and she came back to Shaolin as well!  I hadn’t seen her in ages!  (I let her in b/c she’s super nice and I know she wouldn’t run in my town!!)  We had a lot of fun.  She let me catalog her Bear Top, as well as the Crown and the Royal Crown!  Hooray!  Now I just have to save up so I can actually BUY them!  

We also tried out sharing the bed… but that didn’t work out so great!  She’s trying to steal all the blankets!


It was Pals idea!
It was Pal's idea!



PM turnip price is 53 bells.

I went to Grizzly’s house and all his stuff was boxed up.  Guess he’s made up his mind now!  He didn’t even give me an option to ask him to stay.  I expect he’ll be gone in the morning.

  • Ruby wants some clothes.  But she says it better be good!

Monique is coming over at 6:15!  I hope I don’t forget lol!

Ooh now it’s time for hide and seek!  I must find Broccolo, Bree and Peanut in 15 minutes.  Yay, I won!  I got a gyroid.  Nice!

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