Nothing starts the morning like a game of Hide and Seek!  I have to find Bree, Monique and Curly in 15 minutes.  Hopefully my new path system will help!  Ooh yay, I actually won this time!  Bree thought she could hide behind a palm tree.  You’re small, but you’re not THAT small, you silly mouse!  

Right after, I witnessed Bree and Monique getting in a little cat fight.  Monique said that Bree was bland, and Bree said the same back to Mo.  Why are they fighting?  Can’t we all just get along?

Wendell was wandering around this morning.  I gave him a Pear for a Coloring K.K. pattern.  I laid it on the paths leading towards the Museum, since that’s the only place you can find K.K. Slider!  Now if only there was a Coloring Able’s or something.  But there’s not.

One thought on “Tuesday

  1. My townies have started trying to get me to find them in 10 minutes. I’m not liking that! Sometimes they get really sneaky with their spots, and other times, like Bree, they hide behind palm trees or sign posts.

    I’ve also noticed that the cranky neighbors don’t ask outright to play hide and seek, but something like cops and robbers. Lobo totally suckered me into playing because I thought it was some other game. Then I lost. 😛

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