My Day in Japan

Good news!

Good thing he cant say no to me...
Good thing he can't say no to me...

Apollo is staying in Shaolin!  SWEET!  He said that my pathetically sad face made him change his mind.  That’s a good thing, cuz I like this cranky bird!  He’s super easy to spot while playing Hide and Seek.  But for some reason, he didn’t want to join in our game.  Bree organized it, and I had 15 minutes to catch her, as well as Victoria and Elise.

Umm... youre kinda sticking out.
Umm... you're kinda sticking out.

Apparently these guys don’t know good hiding strategies.  I found them all in the same general area, hiding behind someone’s house.  It’s a LOT harder to find them when they hide behind trees, in my opinion.  One time I saw Bree trying to hide behind a signpost.  I mean, I know she’s a little mouse but come on!  lol

If you haven’t caught a Gar yet, here’s a picture of the shadow you’ll see in the river:

This is the shadow of a Gar in the river.
This is the shadow of a Gar in the river.

For the record, I have spotted the Gar hanging out in the large pool areas of the river.  They have an enormously long shadow that looks bigger than a Sea Bass would in the ocean.  You can’t miss it!  lol

Anyway, back to today’s news.  I went to Chibikuro again this morning, and I was greeted by THREE nets in the face!  Chokomaru, Orange and Vella were all waiting at the gate for me!  I was left pretty defenseless.  Luckily I was able to push through and pick up my new Ghost Umbrella.  In Japanese it’s called “teru teru bozu” which means shiny shiny priest.  (No, I don’t speak Japanese.  I looked it up on Wikipedia lol!)  Apparently Nintendo didn’t want to go that route when translating it to English.  Regardless, the umbrella’s intention is to bring good weather, but I have my doubts.

We all have our Ghost Umbrellas!
We all have our Ghost Umbrellas!

We had a lot of fun hanging out, whacking each other with nets, shovels and wetting each other with watering cans.  This is how adults play videogames!  LOL!  Chokomaru showed me a new room he’d set up, which was full of conterfeit paintings.  They looked pretty real to me!  It was cute.  Then we realized we should be taking advantage of the fact that it was 12am in Japan, and there were big bugs to catch!  Vella was scouring the oak trees for Rainbow Stags and Oak Silk Moths.  Orange was on alert down at the beach.  Suddenly, Orange said “Squirt!” and I rushed, as quietly as I could, down to meet him.

In his limited English, Orange whispered, “Walk slowly.”

There was a gigantic GOLIATH BEETLE rocking left to right on a palm tree.  I took a baby step.  And another.  I usually scare beetles away because I don’t even notice them as I rush past.  I wasn’t going to let it happen this time!  I kept a steady hand and swung my net just in time to catch that bugger!

Showing off our buggies!
Showing off our buggies!

If Orange hadn’t helped me, I probably would NOT have come close to catching that Goliath Beetle!  Thanks Orange!  And thanks Chokomaru for having us over and sharing your DLC with us!

Next weekend there will be a surprise summer-themed DLC for European AC players.  I’ll try to pick one up from my buddy Ifetayo (who was nice enough to hook up Deb with a silver net!  Thanks!) or maybe Pal.  It’s coming out on the 21st, so keep your eyes peeled!  I’m hoping it will be a super soaker water gun!  But only time will tell…

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