Orenji is popular!

Me too, Chester!  I just recently discovered that there was new JP DLC announced:  
アニパーサリーケーキ.  When sounded out, this katakana spells “anniversary cake”!  Which means that this is probably the same DLC we’ll be receiving in the USA around the same time (mid-November, maybe the 17th?).  It’s pretty cute, so even if you can’t understand Japanese, go to that link and look at the pic at least!


For the past few days I’ve been bothered by the little lost kitten, Katie.  Yesterday I finally remembered to ask my friend Bella to open her gate!  I haven’t received my special item yet, but I hope it’s something cool!

Basic Painting!

A few days ago, Nook was selling a Basic Painting as the Spotlight Item!  Cool!  I picked it up, and I’ll try to take it over to the city today and display it at the Auction House (if this is a display week, that is…  I haven’t really been visiting the Auction House lately.  Sorry about that folks!).  If it’s not a display week, then it will wait by the gate for someone to pick up!  🙂

Other than those few things, it’s been pretty boring around here in Shaolin.  Just looking for the missing pieces from my Mushroom Series.  I keep getting a lot of repeats of stuff I already have.  😦  I hope I can get the furniture I need by the end of the month!!!  EEP!

Oh, there was another exciting thing to share – but it wasn’t in Shaolin.  I found another ‘note in a bottle’ and it had both a message and a picture stuffed inside!

Oy!  Pip here, writing to you from the Shire.  There’s been quite a bit of excitement happening here.  First of all, I’ve met a new friend!  Her name is Yuki and I visited her town earlier this week.  She was very nice and let me catalog a lot of items!  And she also gave me some hybrid flowers to take home.  Thank you Yuki!  (Later I told Sam that the hybrids had magically spawned on their own.  But I don’t think he believed me, as he’s a very diligent gardner.)

In Yuki’s town Mitsukyo, there was a grand department store.  I was finally able to get my hair to look more like normal.  Huzzah!

Remember when I had caught a glimpse of a UFO not long ago?  I had told my fellow hobbits about it and they didn’t believe me – insisting that it was just some conjuring of Gandalf’s, or some other mischief.  But two days ago, Samwise was out watering flowers (as he does every day) and he saw something flying across the sky!  Of course, Sam doesn’t have a slingshot.  So he ran to me and told me about what he saw.

“I knew it!” I scoffed at him.  “The UFO is REAL!”

So I went outside to look for the flying saucer.  I stood out in the garden behind our house at Bag End and waited for about ten minutes.  To my dismay, I saw the UFO flying overhead… but it was going too fast and I could not hit it with my slingshot.  I felt defeated and came back inside to tell Merry what had happened.

Merry still didn’t quite believe me.  So I told her to go out that evening and look for the UFO herself.  She was smarter than me (sadly, that’s often the case) and waited in front of the main gate to see if a flying saucer would appear.  After waiting for a few minutes, the UFO whirred overhead.  She took a shot – MISS!  Then she ran ahead of the UFO’s path, and took a shot a little quicker than before…  and with a loud CRASH the UFO smashed into the ground near the Old Forest.  Merry ran to the crash site and found a large bird knocked unconscious.

Merry with the UFO.

This bird identified himself as Gulliver.  For half a moment Merry feared that he was a spy from Mordor, but after speaking with him at length she was decided that this animal was friendly.  She even searched the town for the missing spaceship parts that Gulliver needed, and he rewarded her with a special item – a Compass.  Merry put the Compass in our house, and I promptly snatched it and put it in my cupboard.  There’s a Flea Market today, and I don’t want these greedy animals around town (nor the Sackville-Bagginses) to try and get their hands on it!

I was both proud and jealous of Merry.  Sometimes it seems like she always has all the luck!

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “JP DLC & UFO News

  1. So many exciting things have happened since I’ve been gone! I’m looking forward to catching up.

    Congrats on at least getting Gulliver in one of your games!

    1. gluxbox

      Thanks Vella! I was really lucky that I managed to shoot him down, considering I haven’t earned a Gold Slingshot yet! LOL

      Let me know when your Halloween Party is going to be, so I can try and join you! (I hope I won’t have to work that day! lol)

  2. Haha thanks for your report gluxbox ^^
    It’s such a lovely idea to put your ACWW adventures in bottle message form, I really like that way 😀
    Hope to see you tomorrow again? 😉

    1. gluxbox

      Thanks Mayu! I thought it would be fun to write about my WW town once in a while, and to keep it separate from the regular blogs I figured a message in a bottle would be the perfect metaphor! 🙂

      Yes I would like to visit your town again tomorrow! Will you open the gates at the same time? I will try to stop by!

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