Celebrating Wild World

Sorry for my absence! After Thanksgiving, I started playing a new Wii Ware game called Pokemon Rumble and it’s been taking up a chunk of my videogame time! 😛 (You can read about some of my Pokemon Rumble adventures in my personal blog, which is at the top of my Blogroll List in the left sidebar.)

Today there was new DLC released in the USA! Hooray! Here’s the note:


It doesn’t really seem like it’s been four years since Wild World was released…  but maybe that’s because I didn’t get that game in 2005.  I think I got my DS Lite and Wild World game during Christmas 2006 soooo…. yeah!  Anyway, in honor of this anniversary, Nintendo sent out a DS Lite Pink.  I’m not much of a fan of the color pink, so I don’t plan on displaying it in my Nintendo room.  But of course, I at least took a picture of it so you could all feast your eyes.

DS Lite Pink

There it is!  Please let me know if you would like one, and I’ll send it out to your town in a letter!  It might look good in a room with other pink furniture, if you’re into that sort of thing!  😛

As Squirt was doing the rounds, watering hybrids, he stopped over at Ruby’s house.  She had mentioned to him a few days ago that she was feeling bored of this town.  Squirt did his best to change her mind, and thought that she would stay after their chat.  He was wrong.

Ruby's Moving Out

Wahhhh!!!  I like Ruby, my albino bunny.  But her mind’s made up, she wouldn’t even discuss the idea of staying around.  She’ll probably be gone by morning.  😦

Oh well, we will all have to just move on.  So when Squirt found a note in a bottle down at the beach, he was very happy to have a distraction.  The note looked kind of old and weather-beaten, like it had been sent a while ago, and had endured a rough voyage before washing up on shore.  Carefully, he pulled out the long parchment and dug his feet into the sand as he read:

To my Mysterious Correspondent:

Peregrin Took here!  There have been some strange occurrences here in The Shire as of late.  And it all has to do with the resurrection of some of old Bilbo Baggins’ wealth of treasure.

It started a while ago, when I was visiting at my friend Yuki’s town.  She had discovered for me some glorious golden tools!  I inspected them closely, and I am certain that the Golden Axe she gave to me was made by Dwarves.  Therefore, I am fairly sure that all these beautifully crafted golden tools were from the treasures given to Bilbo by Gloin and his other Dwarf friends.  I thanked Yuki again and again, as these tools will be very useful to me from this point on.  As I left her town, part of me wondered how Bilbo’s treasure made it’s way to her.  No harm no foul, I suppose!

The only tool that I have not received in ‘golden form’ was a watering can.  However, I heard tales of a Golden Can that can be obtained when your town has achieved what is known as “Perfect Town Status.”  Thanks to Samwise’s diligent gardening, I was informed by Pelly in the Town Hall that The Shire is perfect!  I will continue to badger her until she gives me this confounded Golden Can!

Another one of Bilbo’s treasures somehow popped up in the Able Sister’s tailor shop.  I don’t know if it is Elvish or not, but it was a glorious golden King Tut mask.  The naive girls working in this shop refused to believe Frodo’s claims that this golden mask was rightly his, as he is the heir to Bilbo’s estate.  So I actually had to BUY this King Tut mask back from them.  Unbelievable – and it wasn’t cheap, either!

Treasures have been appearing in other forms too, though I’m not entirely sure if they all belonged to Bilbo.  I’ve managed to dig up several fossils throughout town, and have completed quite a few dinosaurs in The Shire Museum.  Not only that, but I have procured a few rare paintings for the Art section!  The blathering owl (rightly named Blathers) was very excited and now has it all proudly displayed.

So in short, we have been able to collect some of Bilbo’s old treasures.  But they aren’t always free!  We will continue working together until all of Frodo’s inheritance is returned!  Not that Frodo’s been much help.  All he does is write his account of our journeys in his book, Lord of the Rings!



5 thoughts on “Celebrating Wild World

    1. gluxbox

      LOL Mayu don’t worry about the Watering Can! It was probably stuck under Redd’s tent when I was visiting! And don’t worry, I should probably earn at least ONE of those golden tools on my own, don’t you think? I’m about half way done with Perfect Town Status so I will hopefully get it soon! XD

  1. ouracwwadventures

    Haha, I had to laugh about this because the DS lite they sent you is the same color as mine 😆 Pretty cool xD

    Also, I see I finally got a green circle by our rosters! Tee hee, hope to see you soon!! ~~Julie 😛

  2. I feel so old! I got Wild World when it came out in the winter of 2005… Before it came out, it was still called “Population: Growing!” (Or at least it says so in my DS game manuals…)

  3. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    Could you give me that DS Lite thing? I want it because it is from Nintendo, and items like that cannot be obtained any other way. I know from experience.

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