Grass Change and a Note in a Bottle

Yesterday, I logged onto AC just after sunset.  I had heard from Vella that the lima bean green grass had finally changed color!

Purple Sky and Purple Grass
Purple Sky and Purple Grass

I don’t know if it was the purple twilight lighting, but everything was looking violet.  I’ll have to take a photo during the daytime to make a real evaluation.  But I compared this grass color to my photos from last November/start of December, it looks approximately like the same color.  So perhaps this is the “autumn brown” grass color I mentioned in a previous post.

I haven’t had a chance to visit Shaolin yet today, but chances are Broccolo has left.  Now we must wait for the NEXT newest townie!  **Please be ANKHA!!**

In other news…  recently a mysterious note in a bottle washed up on Shaolin’s Long Beach (don’t ask… just go with it.)  Inside the bottle was a very old looking scroll, as well as a map to a small town.

The Shire
The Shire

Greetings to whomever this bottle finds!  I am writing to you from a far away land called The Shire.  My name is Peregrin Took, but most everyone calls me Pippin.  I’m a hobbit.  Just recently have I, my cousin Meriadoc Brandybuck (you can call her Merry), and our dear friends Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins, returned to our beloved home The Shire.  We had left many years ago to go on a long and arduous journey to the land of Mordor.

But I must tell you, whoever you might be, that our homeland has turned itself into a bit of a “Wild World” in our absence.  We knew, after Frodo gazed in the Mirror of Galadriel, that the Shire would never be the same after the Great Battle.  But we never expected to find that the houses of our former friends and relatives would now be inhabited by various animals, all of whom speak perfect English!  And perhaps worst of all (for Merry and myself, at least) we have discovered that our beloved Green Dragon Pub has been overrun by some pigeon who only sells COFFEE!  I searched the pantries but not a drop of ale is to be found in the Shire.  Perhaps we will build ourselves a brewery.

Well, I suppose that is all I have to report from the Shire for now, as we have only recently came back and settled in.  All of our belongings have either been ruined or stolen, so we are starting to build up our lives again from scratch.  So if anyone out there would be kind enough to share some of their less needed belongings with us, we’d be very much obliged.  Here is my contact information if you would like to visit our humble town:

AC:WW Friend Code:  3953-6655-4658

Name:  Pippin

Town:  TheShire

PS-  Dear whomever you are, I hope you don’t mind, but as I enjoy writing (currently I’m working on an epic manuscript of our journeys through Middle Earth) I will be sending out more of these messages in bottles.  So please keep an eye out for a bottle from the Shire!  And if you have any beer, ale, or wine… please send it to us!  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I guess that means there will be more random updates from this Wild World town in the future!  😀

**Disclaimer:  Yes, I am an LOTR nerd.  I re-started my Wild World town to make TheShire, and though I don’t feel like making an entire blog for that town, I thought this might be a fun change of pace.  So if you don’t like Lord of the Rings, please skip any of my Note in a Bottle passages!  lol**

One thought on “Grass Change and a Note in a Bottle

  1. ww! I love the note in a bottle and the map. Perhaps you should send Pippin some kegs and barrels. 😉 You continually make me want to go grab another copy of WW. I will try and stay strong though. I don’t think I could faithfully water two towns a day.

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