Mid-Autumn and a Strange Note

Halloween is Near!
Halloween is Near!

We are about half-way through Autumn now, and there’s only ten days left until Halloween!  I’m super excited.  I don’t have work on the 31st so I’ll be able to focus on obtaining the entire Spooky series, as well as the extra Jack items!  Woo hoo!  If you want to freshen up on what we’re supposed to do on Halloween, here’s the AC Wiki Page.

So stock up on candy and get some costumes ready, cuz Jack is coming to town!  (Is it Jack, the Pumpkin King from “Nightmare Before Christmas”?  Only time will tell!  lol)

Orange Trees
Orange Trees

I don’t know about your town, but the trees in Shaolin have started to really change color lately!  Many fruit trees have leaves that have turned completely orange.  For example, these orange trees with orange leaves!

Since today is Wednesday, Squirt went to the city to check things out.  He got a fortune (and learned that nothing good OR bad is expected to happen to him), a new haircut (I let Harriet choose, and she said she was giving me the same style that Miao had requested), and stopped by at Crazy Redd’s.  All the animals in the city kept talking about a town I haven’t visited in a long time, Plaahaus.

I miss Plaahaus!
I miss Plaahaus!

So I’d just like to give a shout out to Bam Bam and Subi, in case one of you guys still reads this blog.  You’re probably all busy.  But the animals won’t stop talking about you guys!  LOL

I also saw Broccolo in the city, but all he would talk about was the lack of restaurants.  Sigh… he doesn’t even miss me.

Just in case you didn’t notice:  GracieGrace is currently having their “end of season” sale and everything is 30% off.  The clearance sale will be following shortly, but act fast cuz about half the inventory was already sold out when I stopped by!

Upon returning back to Shaolin, I had to check to see if the painting I bought from Redd was legit or not.  Since my Museum is now complete, Blathers won’t even look at a new painting to determine if it’s fake or not.  Thankfully, Hery figured out a way to test the paintings with our pal Tom Nook.  Basically, if it’s a REAL painting, Nook will offer to buy it for 390 bells.  (I think that’s the number, don’t quote me on it!)  If the painting is FAKE, however… then this happens:

Nook can spot a FAKE!
Nook can spot a FAKE!

Nook will only offer 10 bells for a forged painting.  So rest assured, every painting I put on display at the Auction House is 100% LEGITIMATE!  Of course I forgot to display one last weekend… but in a week and a half I’ll display one, I promise!  lol

After all those errands, Squirt was doing some fishing (Ruby has asked for a pale chub to complete yet another mermaid transformation…) and spotted another bottle by the sea, with a piece of parchment stuffed inside:

Greetings once again, whomever is reading this!  On behalf of the Shire, I’d like to say hello!  My name is Pippin, if you didn’t guess.  Some very strange things have been going on here in the Shire, and I just wanted to make a record of it.

First of all, a rather large raccoon has put us all to work in his store.  Well, all of us except cousin Frodo, who is still recovering from our journey and has not left his bed in a week.  Can’t much say that I blame him, after what he’s been through.  Anyway, Merry, Sam and I have all put in a full day’s work with this awful raccoon (he calls himself Nook) only to be harshly booted off the premises after completing some silly chores.  Apparently this Nook owns all the properties in the Shire, as he also is the owner of the local construction business.  (I suppose that’s why the house at Bag End looked so different when we returned to this land.) Despite our pleading, this Nook is making us pay off a loan to him, since we now live in this house that he built.  I think the entire business sounds fishy to me.  But I suppose Lobelia might have left town for this very reason, after inheriting the house and being told by this raccoon that she’d actually have to pay for it…  I’m sure that sent her packing!  Well, that…  or an Orc invasion.

So we paid off the small sum to this Nook character, only to find out that he was planning to do some renovations to the small cottage and charge us even MORE money!  Samwise was convinced that the scheming miller Sandyman had to be behind all of this… but it’s just not possible.  There are no hobbits here in the Shire anymore.  Merry and I checked everywhere, from Hobbiton to the Far Downs, and across the Brandywine River to Buckland.  Although, we might as well change the name of Buckland to Duckland, since there are two lady ducks now inhabiting the homes in that vicinity.  We are starting to think that these animals were bewitched by the Elves, since they all speak our common tongue rather fluently.

Last night was probably the strangest I’ve experienced here in the Shire.  Not since Bilbo Baggins’ 111th Birthday Party had I been so surprised to see something flying through the sky.  At first I thought perhaps it was one of Gandalf’s fireworks bursting in the air.  But it looked entirely too real for it to be conjured by a wizard, so I scrambled to get my flimsy slingshot out from my pocket.  Alas, I was too slow and the flying object whizzed overhead and out of my reach.  It looked to me very much like a UFO.  I tried to tell Merry about the incident, but she refused to believe me.  But I think Frodo does, as he said he heard a very curious whirring noise in the sky while he was upstairs resting.  I will search the skies carefully from now on, in an attempt to find more proof regarding this flying saucer!

That’s all the news to report from the Shire.  No wine, ale or draft has been found in any cellar as of yet.  But I won’t give up hope!  And if you have a barrel, please do send it over!  Thanks for reading this, my faithful mystery friend!

-Pippin/TheShire/3953-6655-4658  (Wild World)

Apparently these hobbit-folk are getting really desperate for some alcohol.  I’d send some to them, but you can’t send items from CF to WW.  If anyone out there still plays Wild World, please email/comment/message/whatever me with your FC so I can add you!  Thanks!  😀

OH one last IMPORTANT bit of info:  The new EU DLC released today is the Dachshund model.  I catalogued it from the NL town Firdawsi once again (THANKS VERY MUCH IFETAYO!!!) and ordered a bunch for people.  I hadn’t received my mail by the time I wrote this entry, so I don’t have a photo of this new EU DLC yet.  But I’ll get a picture soon!

If you’d like to pick up a copy or catalog this item, you can visit Shaolin tonight!  I plan to open the gates *around* 11:30 PM EST.  The gates may be open earlier, maybe slightly later.  I’m not sure.  But look for the gates so you can get a dachshund of your very own!  XD

5 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn and a Strange Note

  1. Hey!

    Of course we still follow your blog! It’s hilarious and very informative. My town is in stasis since I don’t have as much time to play lately but I would love to visit you again. You are welcome to Plaahaus too! It’s kinda weird now with my (temporary) grid system for replanting stuff after wiping it all out to catch that last bug.

    See ya soon!

  2. gluxbox

    Aww YAY you are still out there in cyberspace!!! Glad to hear from you Bam Bam, and tell Subi I say hi too! XD

    If you’re ever off from work or have a free day to play AC, let me know and we’ll try to meet up! Miss u guys and your crazy town! Hehehehe!

  3. Herti-pi

    My names Herti-pi, and i’m playing acww!
    I dont know how, but i just found your blog and its great! even though i dont have CF…

    Keep up the blogging!


  4. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    The fact that Tom Nook can spot fake paintings makes me think that he is Blathers in disguise.

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