Last night, I kept playing after I blogged.  After all, there was a fabulous Fireworks Show planned to start at 7PM.  I had work til 8, but I didn’t even get to play until a little later.  Sorry to anyone who tried to find my gate, my timing was a little off!  We’ll try that again in the future.  lol XD


Tortimer was REALLY excited about the start of the Fireworks Show.  He was giving out fireworks left and right.  Clearly he doesn’t find it to be a safety issue or a fire hazard in any way.

Small Dangerous Fireworks
Small Dangerous Fireworks

Lots of townies were out to enjoy the pretty skies.  Except for my best buds Apollo and Rowan, who were hiding inside the whole time.  How lame.  It’s so cute when the townies are watching the fireworks, they all look up and clap!  So happy!  I went up to the Old North Bridge, which has the best vantage point to see the sky.  It’s my favorite spot to watch the fireworks.


My boyfriend was watching the fireworks with me, and we were talking about how dumb the pale Mario nose looks.  I mean, now that Squirt is all TANNED and everything.  🙂  So I took Squirt back to the house to change back to Wario.  I think Wario looks better with a tan because the Bad Bro ‘Stache looks more like a sun-burnt nose… which is better than a pale nose.

Later on, after the fireworks had ended, Wario was walking around with his net out.  I’m not really sure why.  He was somewhere between Able’s and Town Hall (which are actually right next to each other, if you look at the Town Map) and suddenly that dreaded sound was heard.  The rattling of a SCORPION, ready to attack!  Of course, I panicked as usual.  Since I had my net out, I switched to something else to make the scorpion stop acting scary.  I tried to chase him towards a wall, but I lost sight of him.  Then Elise tried to talk to me.  I figured all was lost.

Then I spotted the scorpion again, just a few feet from where Elise and I were standing!  For the second time, I started chasing it with a shovel in hand.  The scorpion headed straight where I wanted him – the large alcove area (where Jambette’s house used to be back in November!).  This is the same type of area that Vella caught her creepy crawlies.  I knew that this was the best place to corner it.  So as I was chasing him, I used the directional pad to switch to my net.  I must have been choosing the wrong direction, because every tool I switched to was NOT a net.  The scorpion was scurrying towards the wall when I finally pulled the net out.  As soon as I did, I could see the scorpion turn around and I wasted no time in swooping the net down on him.


I finally caught the Scorpion!!!

It really was miraculous that I didn’t get stung.  I was practically shaking and totally panicking.  My boyfriend was laughing at me for continuously selecting the wrong tool in my mad chase.  Oh well!  The technique doesn’t matter, as long as you CATCH the stupid bug!  I was feeling very triumphant and took the critter straight to Blathers.  Proudly, I handed it over to him.

Scorpion now on display!
Scorpion now on display!

Now, if I could only catch that horrid black Tarantula, I’ll be all set!  lol

3 thoughts on “CELEBRATION!

  1. Yay! One down, one to go! At least you caught him on your own and didn’t have to hand the wiimote to your boyfriend. And you didn’t have to stand on a ledge either, lol! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats for catching the scorpion!
    I saw it in the evening of the past Saturday night, but when I ran somewhere in the north and pull my net out, there is nowhere to find it. I still have no clue how to catch it. I was bit by it twice before. How scary!

  3. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    This kinds of reminds me when I saw one…. RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE AFTER I LEFT! I hyperhyperhyperventilated when I caught it. I gasped like 1,000,000 times harder when I saw it. I can rest easy at least.

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