Hello, everyone!  It’s now August in Animal Crossing (and umm… real life) and that means plenty of new stuff to update!

I recently started a new job, so I haven’t had much time to blog.  Until now, when I remembered that I could be blogging while I’m sitting around waiting for calls to come in at work.  lol

Here’s what you’ve missed in Shaolin in the past week or so:

The Flea Market

Stingy Apollo
Stingy Apollo

Last week’s Flea Market didn’t go exactly as well as I’d hoped.  For some reason, the townies all seemed to be on a tighter budget.  Nobody wanted to spend more than twice the price on my rare fish and bugs.  Also, the townies who did show up weren’t all my ‘best buddies’ so that didn’t help matters.  I still made around 200k, but I was hoping for more.  Oh well, maybe next time the neighbors will have fatter wallets.

Vella’s Visit

I haven’t been playing much, so Squirt hadn’t started tanning by last week.  Vella came over to show me how she’s been getting darker.  It was pretty impressive!

Tan Vella
Tan Vella

After seeing how Vella’s been getting darker (and as you see in this photo, Squirt is as pale as ever…) I’ve been really trying to remember to take Squirt out and leave him on the beach if I’m busy during the day.  He’s getting more tanned every day!  See for yourself!  I’m purposely leaving the Big Bro’s Nose on Squirt’s face because it won’t tan with the rest of him.  It will stay pale, so I’ll be able to tell just how tan Squirt really is!

Squirt getting tan... and wet.
Squirt getting tan... and wet.

It looks kinda weird to have a pale nose.  I know.  Once Squirt is really dark, he’ll switch to the Wario nose, which should look quite amusing!  🙂

Let’s see… what else has happened.  OH!  I was looking for a tarantula the other night.  I’ve started making all the townies say “tarantula” and “scorpion” as their new catchphrases.  I think it helps, because 10 seconds after I taught Victoria to say “tarantula”, I saw one around the corner from her house!  Sadly for me… I didn’t catch it.  Again.


Squirt is REALLY not doing well at catching these huge, awful, scary, creepy crawlies!  Grr!  He did manage to catch himself a Grasshopper, though.  Now that it’s August, the grasshoppers come out all day (instead of just for a measley hour in July) so I found them everywhere!  Not too many things left for me to catch in August.  All I need is the Moray Eel, Giant Petaltail, the Scorpion and the Tarantula!  I think.  Everything else comes out later, like the Jellyfish which doesn’t appear until the second half of August.  And the salmons don’t appear til September… same with the Red Dragonfly.  But we’re getting close to completing the Museum, that’s for sure!  🙂

Other awesome thing about August:  Fireworks Displays every Sunday!


I’ve been stocking up on the fireworks that Tortimer gives out at Town Hall.  Looking forward to tonight’s fireworks!  I’ll have to join in late (working til 8pm) but I’m sure it will be great!  I’ll even open my gates, so if you happen to be reading this today (Sunday afternoon) come by for a visit tonight around 8pm!

Don’t forget to stop by the city!  I’ve got the new Shaolin Town Charm – it’s super easy!  Plant one flower in Shaolin, and you will find more rare items.  Woo hoo!  So bring a packet of flower seeds when you come by.  Shaolin needs it… I’ve been neglecting my flowers and they are drying up and dying.  We need replacements, people!  Oh, and the new fall line is already on display in GracieGrace, so if you need the Sweets Set or some new outfits, go visit the city!

And I’d just like to say one thing that’s been bothering me.  There’s this room in the HRA HQ that’s been the Model Room for three months now.  It is the room of someone I only visited once, with Deb’s character.  I took them off my friend’s list since then.  WHY are they still showing up in my HRA?  The room is so cluttered and ugly, why does it keep getting such a high HRA score anyway???  It’s making me crazy.  I just wanted to rant.  Thanks for listening lol!

One thought on “HACHIGATSU (August!)

  1. I want to get rid of some flowers. (too many to water each day in my town). It’s great that you need them. How about I gave them to you free after I re-arrange my flowers?

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