Special Delivery

It’s the dog-days of summer now.  Temperature’s heating up.  I guess, with all the sweating and whatnot, my townies are really opening up and sharing their deepest feelings.

Im a MAN, baby!  lol
I'm a MAN, baby! lol

Apollo’s really been taking Squirt under his wing, no pun intended!  But is it weird that Apollo has no facial hair?  Does that mean he’s not a man?  lol

Yesterday I was given an unexpected news bulletin via email.  ちょこまる had heard that the Ladder Shades DLC were finally being released on 8/5, and that there would be yet another new DLC on the 15th – a Hopscotch Flooring (cute!).  I first checked the Nintendo Channel on my Wii, watched the “Whats New in Animal Crossing?” installment for this month, and yep!  It did announce the good news.  (Strangely, the US DLC website makes no mention of either of these items.)  Quickly, I logged in to check it out!

New DLC!
New DLC!

I just love it when Pete greets me outside my door!  I didn’t even bother reprimanding him for delivering this item so late…  I’m sure it wasn’t his fault.  😛  After receiving the new item, I had to go to work so I couldn’t really try em out until the evening.  I know these are sunglasses, but umm I don’t think they block much sunlight anyway.  I decided to ditch the Wario outfit to go for a full Kanye West style.

Ladder Shades!
Ladder Shades!

I think it looks great with my spikey black hair!  Awesome.

I was talking to my new friend Hery (aka Herito) last night and he was telling me that you don’t need to be a hacker to pull off a certain glitch in Animal Crossing.  Namely, my new favorite thing – climbing the Lighthouse.  Apparently, you just need to be WiFi-ing with anyone.  And your Lighthouse needs to have ‘the right terrain’ around it.  Luckily mine does!  All you have to do is trap your character in a tiny corner of land next to the Lighthouse, then run in circles clockwise.  Shortly, you’ll find yourself on top of the structure!  😀

When you look up, its like youre floating!
When you "look up", it's like you're floating!

The only problem with this glitch is if you Save or someone enters the town… everyone who’s up on the Lighthouse will faint as if they’ve been bit by a scorpion or something.  And wake up in random areas of town (except the host, of course, who will wake up at their house).  But it’s still fun!  While the gate was open, ちょこまる unexpectedly ran through!  I had already sent him the Ladder Shades in the mail!  Luckily, I still had a spare pair by the gate so we could match.  I gave my visitors a tour of my houses.  They both liked my Backyard BBQ room a lot!

Kobe-yashi?  lol
Kobe-yashi? lol

Herito is looking VERY pale compared to the two of us!  It’s ironic, because Herito is actually from California!  lol

This morning was bright and sunny.  I found a Silver Net on sale at Nook N Go, so that was pretty awesome!  Apollo had been asking for a robust cicada (don’t know why…) so I got that for him.  Then I saw some townies gossiping outside the Able Sister’s shop.  First, Victoria was going on about how there are really 3 Able Sisters.  Then Bree asked Victoria if she’d had any fashion evaluations in the city lately.  Apparently Vicky had… but it didn’t go well…

Horse Discrimination!
Horse Discrimination!

I think it’s totally unfair that horses are being discriminated against at GracieGrace!  I mean, Gracie is a giraffe, is that much better?  They both have hooves!  They should be friends.  This isn’t right.  I am considering boycotting.  But I still need to buy the rest of the fashion line for the Fall… oh dear.  😛  Guess my boycott has just been rescinded.

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