Let the Fireworks Begin!

Wow!  Two entries in like, two days!  I’m spoiling you guys now.  😛

Last night was the first of several Fireworks Shows that will occur this August!  Every Sunday this month, at 7pm, we will be treated to sparklers and roman candles all day (courtesy of Tortimer) and a fireworks display at night.  Huzzah!

To set the season off right, I had a little get-together in Shaolin.  My new friends Hayley from Minicity and Marissa from Arcadia (check out the Daily Arcadia blog!) visited Shaolin to celebrate summer.

Toasted Tortimer

First I showed them how we like to party, Shaolin-style!  You like your tortoise well done, right?  LOL xP

We tried to pose at the Old North Bridge to do a Photo-Op with the Fireworks.  I managed to get this photo taken right before a surprise guest arrived!

Fireworks Photo Op!

Yup, my friend Jesse from Tomutomu waltzed into Shaolin to join in the fun.  He couldn’t stay long (hence no photo – oopsies!) but thanks for stopping by Jesse, aka Zimio!  lol  After that, we made our way to Marissa’s town, Arcadia, which I had read much about but never actually visited before!

Visiting Arcadia

We had a lot of fun hanging out, cataloging DLC and sharing shirt patterns.  We also stopped by Hayley’s town Minicity, where an extensive road system has been implemented!  Thanks for hanging out Marissa and Hayley!  Let’s do it again soon!

My goal is to have more Fireworks parties, like I did last summer!  It’s a lot of fun!  I’ll try to give you guys more advance notice before the next WiFi Party!  xD

In other news, the newest seasonal items have been stocked in GracieGrace.  I noticed a new costume/outfit was on display in the store as well.  It was a cat costume, which is something I don’t remember seeing prominently on display in this ritzy shop before.

Cat Costume

Was this costume on display last year, and I’m just not remembering?  I was very surprised to see it, usually I only see the boring Gracie outfit on display in the shop.  Anyway, this season brings the uber cute yet SUPER expensive Sweets Series.  And in honor of this ever-popular furniture set, Nintendo of Europe has released new EU DLC!

EU DLC - Sweets Player

Sorry for the itty-bitty pic.  That’s all they have on the NOE site.  I will take a better picture when I actually receive my own copy of this new DLC!  (Hopefully soon!  lol)  It’s a music player that looks like some kind of edible yummies.  This EU DLC will be sent out 8/2 – 8/15.  I can’t tell from this pic what the heck it’s supposed to be.  Looks kinda like a cupcake?  Or a bon-bon?  I dunno!  We shall see!  And while we’re on the topic of sweet foods, our friends in South Korea have yet another yummy looking DLC on the way!

KR DLC - Ice Cream Sundae?

Again, I don’t speak or read Korean (I can barely read Japanese.  One language at a time, peoples!) so I don’t know what the details are for this KR DLC.  But the picture certainly leads me to believe that the DLC is an Ice Cream Sundae.  And it looks damn good.  I can’t wait to get one!  Yet another yummy DLC from South Korea!  They sure love their noms!  lol  This KR DLC will be distributed 8/9 – 8/15 so I will try to get my hands on it soon.  I hope it doesn’t melt!  (Lame joke.  I know.)

That’s about it for Animal Crossing news right now!  Keep checking back at the Shaolin Town Blog to find out when the next Fireworks WIFI Party will be!  Hope to see ya there!


The Very Last Day of Summer

Well, today is August 31st.  Tomorrow is the start of September, the start of a new monthly charm and a new season.  Expect the grass to start changing from vivid green to deathly brown.  I’m not sure how fast the transformation is, but we’ll see soon enough.

Last night was the final Fireworks Show of the summer.  Deb decided to log in and take a look at the fireworks while she still had the chance.  Tortimer greeted her with some sentiment:



Why does it feel like the last night at sleepaway camp?  lol

Well, as I wrote in my previous post, I had my gates open for a while last night.  Since I’m super excited about the new Metroid Prime Trilogy that just came out, I decided to change Squirt’s outfit to the Samus costume.  Plus it hides the fact that he’s all pale once again.  That tan did NOT last.  I feel like in WW the tan at least lasted a little longer.  Or maybe I just ruined it by playing only at night for the past week.  Ahh well.

Samus Fireworks: Charge Beam?

Samus' Fireworks: Charge Beam?

Herito and Vella came over while the gate was open!  I was very excited because Herito brought me some fruit for me to replant my town.  He even brought one flower to complete the Shaolin Monthly Charm.  And when the mail came, I found 4 pieces of fruit sent by Vella!  So Shaolin will hopefully be regrowing at a faster rate now.  And hopefully I won’t kill all my grass in the process.  I must remember that the grass dies a LOT faster in the fall, so be careful everybody!

Vella had never been to the top of the Lighthouse before.  It took a bit of practice but eventually we all got up there!

Enjoying the Final Fireworks

Enjoying the Final Fireworks

The only thing I forgot to show Vella was what happens if you save the game while up on the Lighthouse.  Oh well, next time!  😛  I was very impressed that Vella still had her tan going strong.  I guess she only plays during the day.  My bf liked her Punisher dress, it matches her witch hat very well!  (Deb and Vella have similar tastes in clothes ww!)

Thanks to my buddies for coming to the final Fireworks Show!  It was lots of fun!  XD

Well, I guess that’s it.  End of summer.  No more heat, no more tans, no more creepy crawlies, no more sharks, no more fireworks!  How sad.  😦

But there’s some stuff to look forward to, coming up in the not-too-distant-future!  Specifically for Squirt in Shaolin, he only needs to catch the King Salmon to complete his fish encyclopedia.  And he only needs the Bell Cricket and Red Dragonfly to finish the bug version.  So expect to see Tortimer handing out Golden Tools to Squirt fairly soon!

Other holidays and events to look forward to in September:

  • Labor Day:  First Monday in September.  Receive a Picnic Basket from Tortimer!
  • USA DLC:  September 15th is slated to be the next released DLC, which celebrates the anniversary of the original release of Animal Crossing: GC!
  • Final Bug-Off:  September 19th is the last bug tournament of the year.  This is my last chance to beat Vella’s top score of 118!  What’s your top score?
  • Flea Market:  At the end of the month, on the 27th, is the Flea Market.  Why wasn’t there one in August?  Weird.

So don’t stop playing AC:CF just because summer is over!  Fall is fun too!  Don’t forget… October brings Columbus Explorer’s Day and Halloween, in addition to the resurrection of the Fishing Tournament.  Plus there’s some Moon Viewing festivals that will be coming up, but I’m not quite sure about the dates of those events.  Keeping playing AC and checking the Shaolin Town Blog for all your game related updates!  🙂

Summer’s Almost Over!

Wow, I really slacked off there for a while.  Sorry folks!  Things have been pretty busy over here so I haven’t been able to devote too much time to AC.  So here’s a quick recap of what you’ve missed in Shaolin:

The Bug-Off

The August Bug-Off was on the 15th, and I was ready for it.  Since cutting down all the trees and removing the flowers, scorpions have been popping up everywhere.  I usually see at least 2 per night.  This left me with a ton of scorpions that are now taking up space in my house.  I figured I had enough to spare so I decided to donate one to Nat and see what kind of score it would get.  While it was still a good score, it didn’t come close to beating my July score of 115.

Broccolos Impressed

Broccolo's Impressed

I didn’t really feel like giving up any more scorpions, so I decided to stop there.  Later I found out that Vella did top my score – a 118 point Golden Stag!  *Curses!*  Good thing there’s still one Bug-Off remaining, on September 19th!  I must regain my honor!  ww

Tarantula Trap!

As I wrote before, Shaolin’s had plenty of creepy crawlies since I completed the extreme makeover.  The townies complained a little, but it’s worth it.  I’ve been seeing so many scorpions and tarantulas, I would definitely suggest this method for anyone desperate to catch one this season.  Unfortunately, now I’m in the middle of the slow rebuilding process.  But I’m not going to cover Shaolin in flowers again.  It’s too annoying to maintain.

Anyway, the creepy crawlies have been out and about and I’ve been improving my methods for catching scorpions.  They don’t even phase me anymore.  I now have 6 in my house, it’s a little ridiculous how many I’ve seen.  Tarantulas have been much more rare, but I still see them occasionally.  At first I thought they only come out if none of the neighbors are around.  But I saw Victoria walking right into a tarantula trap!

Tarantula Trap!

Tarantula Trap!

Usually I make sure the pointer is not in the frame when I take a picture, but I was in a panicked rush to save Shaolin’s racehorse!  I distracted her in time, and then set myself up to claim my prize of a pet tarantula.  I waited until the pest was walking towards the wall, and not looking at me.  When I pulled out my net, I heard the little ‘whoosh’ sound that the tarantula makes when it runs to attack.  Instead of focusing on the ugly spider, I swung my net.  Then I realized that for some reason, the tarantula had run straight into the wall, and now was turning around.  I was still mid-swipe when the tarantula ran to my ankles and took a big bite.

Word gets around fast.

Everyone's up in arms about the incident! ww

So I still don’t have a pet tarantula in my house.  😦  But I’ve got plenty of scorpions!


Sunday nights are all about fireworks!  It’s always a blast, Tortimer hangs out at the Town Hall handing out dangerous small explosives.  Townies who don’t mind the noise wander around the town, gazing up and clapping as the fireworks burst non-stop from 7pm-12am.  It’s really great.  I wish it was all summer instead of just August, but hey.  It’s fun and I like it.  I was able to take a great picture of half the town enjoying the festivities last week.

Shaolins Fireworks

Shaolin's Fireworks

Shaolin’s Gates will be open after 7pm EST for the final fireworks celebration of the summer.  Stop by for your last chance to see the fireworks from atop the Shaolin Lighthouse!

Please comment or email me if you want to come by, so I know when to make sure the gate is open.  I might be playing on and off, but I’d love to have visitors for the last hurrah of the season.  And it would be a great chance for you to help rebuild Shaolin’s foliage, since our August Town Charm is to plant one flower.  So bring over any flower you want and enjoy the show from the highest vantage point in Animal Crossing – the Lighthouse!

Bye Bye Bree!

In more recent news, today I received a very long awaited letter from the snobbiest resident of Shaolin:

Brees Gone!

Bree's Gone!

She left very silently, there was no warning.  I didn’t see her pack.  But today her house was gone, and all of Shaolin rejoiced!  The dark cloud of Bree is finally gone!  We are now a one-mouse town.  For now.  I really hope I get a super cool new neighbor!  And I also hope they choose a new area to place their house, because I’m really sick of all the animals living on the east side of town.  We need to even things out!  Apollo and Elise are all alone out there on the west side!

Well, that’s all there is to report from Shaolin.  Don’t forget to visit on Sunday night and celebrate the last Fireworks Show of the summer!  🙂

Fantastic Fireworks!

It’s time for your next installment of what’s been going on in Shaolin!

Well, a new neighbor has moved in.  His name is Chester!  He’s a little panda bear with a sad sort of face.

Meet Chester!

Meet Chester!

Chester moved right next door to Squirt, where Curly’s house used to be.  I was kinda pissed off about that.  Plus I wasn’t too keen on Chester calling me “rookie” every five minutes, despite my boyfriend finding it hilarious.  😛  But Chester is a friendly little guy and at least he’s not constantly talking about his muscles like Curly used to do.  Chester’s got the same personality as Broccolo.  So I guess he is growing on me!

Since we no longer have a vacancy in Shaolin, it’s been my goal to get Bree to leave town.  I’ve been harassing her a LOT the past few days – pushing her around, hitting with in the head with my net, and lately I’ve been planting pitfall seeds around her house, and just wherever I happen to see her around town.  It’s been pretty fun!

Harassing Bree

Harassing Bree

ANYWAY, yesterday was Sunday, so that means it was time for the weekly Fireworks Show!  I was very excited.  Tortimer was even MORE excited.  All he would talk about was fireworks.  It makes me wonder… who is setting off those fireworks?  Pelly?  Pete?  Rover?  I didn’t know any of them were trained in pyrotechnics.  Weird.

Its a FACT!

It's a FACT!

It’s a fact, people.  All your fireworks shows suck.  The ONLY one worth seeing is in Shaolin.  (Funny, they all look the same to me…)  I had opened my gates in hopes of trying to climb the Shaolin Lighthouse with a bunch of friends.  I was hoping to fill my town, but the guests only trickled in one at a time.  That’s ok!  There’s still 2 more fireworks shows left!  Hery was the first pal to arrive.  I was glad, because he is the expert on climbing lighthouses!  I wanted to practice getting up there so I could show my other friends!  We were up on the lighthouse in a jiffy, and enjoyed watching the fireworks from up in the sky!

Up on the Lighthouse!

Up on the Lighthouse!

I just want to clarify:  CLIMBING THE LIGHTHOUSE IS NOT A HACK! I am not a hacker.  I would NEVER hack my Wii or my town.  Climbing the lighthouse is merely a glitch that only occurs if your lighthouse is in a certain position.  And mine just happens to be that way.  I just got lucky!  Not every town will have a lighthouse that you can climb.  In fact, you can’t even climb the lighthouse in my friend Hery’s town, and he IS a hacker.  So there!

Since nobody else had shown up in Shaolin, Hery and I decided to go visit his town.  I had never been there before!  I was very excited.  His town was very nice, he had cool patterns and pretty hybrids all around.  We started taking a tour of the town, and he introduced me to his furry pet:

EEP!  Tarantula pet?

EEP! Tarantula pet?

I was wayyy jealous!  I only have until the end of the month to catch the massive Tarantula, or I have to wait until next year!  Pressure’s on….  Hery also had a pet Scorpion, you can see it in the background.  He’s obviously got some bug catching skills!  During the tour, some of Hery’s friends came in to say hi.  One of his friends, Cosmo, is from Canada and is an NHL fan, so of course I had to add him to my friends list too!  Yay hockey!

We went outside to enjoy the fireworks of Frost (that’s Hery’s town) and decided to play a few tricks on Tortimer while he was standing around outside Town Hall.

Tricks for Tortimer!

Tricks for Tortimer!

We all took turns burning Tortimer in the butt with a small firework.  It was GREAT!  lol 😛  Later on, I headed back to Shaolin in case any more visitors wanted to come by.  I also wanted to finish rebuilding my new “backyard flower garden.”  I decided to redo my hybrids AGAIN since Chester moved next door.  His house was kinda blocking half the garden.  So I decided to spread it out further back, and use the cute little alcove area behind my house.  There used to be two trees in the alcove.  Now it’s filled with Gold Roses!

Gold Rose Garden

Gold Rose Garden

I think it looks great.

Miao came by not long after I finished assembling the flowers.  I was really excited to show her how to get up on the lighthouse.  We had tried it in her town a few days ago but had no luck.  I wanted to prove to her that it WAS possible!!  It took a LOT of practice and patience, but eventually we did get up there!  It was great to enjoy the fireworks from up high.  I hope we get to do this for the next two fireworks shows also!!

Fireworks Gazing

Fireworks Gazing

So don’t forget to look for Shaolin’s open gates next Sunday night!  I will probably open them between 9-10PM EST.  Be there or be square!  😀


Last night, I kept playing after I blogged.  After all, there was a fabulous Fireworks Show planned to start at 7PM.  I had work til 8, but I didn’t even get to play until a little later.  Sorry to anyone who tried to find my gate, my timing was a little off!  We’ll try that again in the future.  lol XD



Tortimer was REALLY excited about the start of the Fireworks Show.  He was giving out fireworks left and right.  Clearly he doesn’t find it to be a safety issue or a fire hazard in any way.

Small Dangerous Fireworks

Small Dangerous Fireworks

Lots of townies were out to enjoy the pretty skies.  Except for my best buds Apollo and Rowan, who were hiding inside the whole time.  How lame.  It’s so cute when the townies are watching the fireworks, they all look up and clap!  So happy!  I went up to the Old North Bridge, which has the best vantage point to see the sky.  It’s my favorite spot to watch the fireworks.



My boyfriend was watching the fireworks with me, and we were talking about how dumb the pale Mario nose looks.  I mean, now that Squirt is all TANNED and everything.  🙂  So I took Squirt back to the house to change back to Wario.  I think Wario looks better with a tan because the Bad Bro ‘Stache looks more like a sun-burnt nose… which is better than a pale nose.

Later on, after the fireworks had ended, Wario was walking around with his net out.  I’m not really sure why.  He was somewhere between Able’s and Town Hall (which are actually right next to each other, if you look at the Town Map) and suddenly that dreaded sound was heard.  The rattling of a SCORPION, ready to attack!  Of course, I panicked as usual.  Since I had my net out, I switched to something else to make the scorpion stop acting scary.  I tried to chase him towards a wall, but I lost sight of him.  Then Elise tried to talk to me.  I figured all was lost.

Then I spotted the scorpion again, just a few feet from where Elise and I were standing!  For the second time, I started chasing it with a shovel in hand.  The scorpion headed straight where I wanted him – the large alcove area (where Jambette’s house used to be back in November!).  This is the same type of area that Vella caught her creepy crawlies.  I knew that this was the best place to corner it.  So as I was chasing him, I used the directional pad to switch to my net.  I must have been choosing the wrong direction, because every tool I switched to was NOT a net.  The scorpion was scurrying towards the wall when I finally pulled the net out.  As soon as I did, I could see the scorpion turn around and I wasted no time in swooping the net down on him.



I finally caught the Scorpion!!!

It really was miraculous that I didn’t get stung.  I was practically shaking and totally panicking.  My boyfriend was laughing at me for continuously selecting the wrong tool in my mad chase.  Oh well!  The technique doesn’t matter, as long as you CATCH the stupid bug!  I was feeling very triumphant and took the critter straight to Blathers.  Proudly, I handed it over to him.

Scorpion now on display!

Scorpion now on display!

Now, if I could only catch that horrid black Tarantula, I’ll be all set!  lol