It’s a rainy day!  Rain looks so cute in this game.  Now it’s time to look for snails!  Not that I need one, I caught one in Higarden a while ago!  But it’s still fun to finally see them in my own town.  Oh but wait, I just checked the guide and there are no snails in March LOL.  


Am I the only sucker without an umbrella?

Am I the only sucker without an umbrella?


Nookington’s has a spotlight item:  a Mummy’s Casket.  

Things seem normal at the Able’s Shop.  Darn.  Maybe I have to wait until my next Gracie evaluation to hear more of the story?  That would suck!

Curly looks well today.  He took the medicine but I have a feeling that tomorrow he’ll be all better!

Squirt went to the city, since it’s the weekend.  Basically it’s only Wednesdays or the weekends that you MUST go to the city.  Why?  Because on Weds Redd restocks, and on the weekend it’s AUCTION HOUSE time!  Not that I’ve had any luck with it.  Nobody buys my stuff.  But it’s still fun to try.  


Auction House & Girly Shoes

Auction House & Girly Shoes


I decided to get a shoe shine since it was nice and sunny in the city.  Since I’m a regular customer at Kicks’ stoop, he has been offering to give me a ‘feminine’ shoe shine.  (I guess if you get your shoes shined enough, he’ll eventually begin to offer shoe shines of the opposite gender.) Usually I politely decline, but I was getting curious.  So I gave it a shot.  BAD idea.  Now I have these ruby red girly shoes that I don’t think match my outfit at all!  Ooops.  Guess I have to come back to the city tomorrow and hope Kicks is around to fix this fashion faux-pas!  

So FYI – I have displayed a Parasaur Tail at the Auction House.  Someone be nice and place a bid on it NEXT weekend please?  I’ll try to remind you guys in a future blog post.  

Ruby must have gone to Doomdoom recently and got a bit of whatever was in their water in HER system.  Why?  Because in Doomdoom, a character named Carmen said she wanted to be a mermaid.  And now RUBY is talking about wanting to become a mermaid too!  She says she needs a Rainbow Trout to help her do this.  I guess I’ll help…

OH ho, I spoke too soon about things seeming normal today!  The Conspiracy continues…


Pelly knows something!

Pelly knows something!

Pelly was mumbling something about this to herself when I went to the Town Hall to send some mail.  Sorry, I didn’t write down the full dialog but the picture shows all the information she revealed.  Mabel keeps getting letters from an ‘anonymous sender’ from her past… OBVIOUSLY it must be Labelle!  Maybe she’s sending her money and things are mad awkward.  LOL  I dunno, but I like the surprise of hearing part of the conspiracy from an unexpected source!  I wonder if Phyllis would have been as helpful…


Saturday – Valentine’s Day!

It’s a bright, sunny Saturday morning.  Squirt came out of his house, expecting someone to be standing outside his house, offering love and chocolates.  No such luck.  I think that’s only on your birthday.  So Squirt went to check the mail.  Inside was a letter from Magoo, who sent him an item he needed for his catalog – a Saw Horse!  There was also a letter from Peanut, which was very pathetic and sad, and a little creepy.  Here’s what it said:

Like, to Squirt,

I’m gonna move.  It’s hard to leave, since we’re BFFs and stuff…  But I have a picture of you that I took when you weren’t looking, so I’ll never forget you!

From your BFF, Peanut

I’m not exactly sure why she thinks we were BFFs, but whatever.  She’s gone now!!  YAY!

Squirt was very excited when a letter from Ruby said HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  Someone loves Squirt!  “You don’t know what I went through to get this premium chocolate.  Don’t just eat it.  TASTE it!” is what she wrote in her letter.  And finally, shoved in the back of the mailbox, was a little note from that silly kitten, Katie.  UGH, and inside is my least favorite Katie item, the Portrait!  I already have one!!  And I hate it!!!  UGH.  Guess this will be saved for the Auction House next week.

A pink rose hybrid appeared this morning, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

So far I’m leading the Fishing Tourney with a 43.1 inch Sea Bass.  I still have my Tuna in reserves, should I need it to beat a ridiculous score.  

Squirt stopped by the Roost, as part of his usual morning routine, and took his regular seat at the bar.  Brewster seemed to have a little secret, as he said “Drink up…” I sensed a little mischief.  Squirt drank it down, and realized – wait a second!  This is hot chocolate!  Brewster laughed and said “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Awww!  How sweet.


Thanks, Brewster!

Thanks, Brewster!


Squirt saw something wierd, right in front of Nookington’s was a cat.  A white cat, with no face.  It’s Blanca!  I was wondering when she’d show up!  I gave her a face with big sunglasses and a tongue sticking out.  I was going to take a picture but she just wouldn’t hold still.  Oh well!

I went to the city and luckily it wasn’t snowing there today.  I went to Kicks, who asked if I’d like to try a ‘cuter’ style for my shoes!  I guess that means I can get girl’s shoes now!  I opted against it for now tho.  Maybe next time.

OK, gotta go do things in REAL LIFE for Valentine’s Day!  I’ll be back with more later, probably!

Saturday AM

It’s snowing this morning.  Still working on my perfect town, I guess this is going to take a while.  

Turnip price this morning is now 34 bells.  Uh oh!  Guess I’m pretty screwed.  But this has to mean that the prices will go higher next week, I think.

Tomorrow is a holiday in the UK.  I hope I can find a town to visit so I can partake in the festivities!  

When I went to the city, I got the last girl’s haircut (c-b-b) which was a short emo cut, so I’m gonna stick with my mummy wrap for now.  I also went to Kicks for a shoeshine since I hadn’t gone in a while.  But he gave me the ugliest shoes ever!  I guess it’s because I said ‘match my style’ and my hair color is green.  He gave me green socks and purple polka-dot shoes!  It’s like clown shoes.  Ugly!!  Kicks better be around tomorrow so I can change my shoes to something less stupid.


Clown Shoes

Clown Shoes