Strange Visitor & Bacon Bullying

There was a strange visitor in Shaolin a few days ago.  The townies seemed to have some prejudices about her 'condition'. I don't know about all that.  Frankly, I had just assumed that Blanca had an unfortunate medical condition.  But now Ruby's putting doubts in my head...  Anyway, Blanca said she had just come from …

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Saturday PM

At the time of the last post, I stopped playing around 2 PM.  I knew that a Sea Bass probably wasn't going to cut it.  So I logged in again around 5 PM, so I could double-check that I was still in the lead.  Unfortunately, when I talked to Chip, he said that Apollo had …

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Saturday – Valentine’s Day!

It's a bright, sunny Saturday morning.  Squirt came out of his house, expecting someone to be standing outside his house, offering love and chocolates.  No such luck.  I think that's only on your birthday.  So Squirt went to check the mail.  Inside was a letter from Magoo, who sent him an item he needed for …

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