Pretty dull morning here in Shaolin, no special characters to be found.  I was walking up the path to make my morning visit to Tom Nook’s, when I stopped to speak to my favorite kitty, Monique.  She said there was a lost child in town, but she didn’t know where the girl was.  Great, I thought.  I finally found Katie crying by the Town Hall.  She said she was sorry but she’s lost yet AGAIN, and she mentioned that her mom is in a town spelled with Japanese characters.  I recognized it (after reviewing my friend list) that the town she spoke of was Chokomaru’s town.  I don’t know what it’s called!  This doesn’t bode well for Katie.  I will try my best to find his open gate, but seeing as Japan is about 11 hours ahead of me, it might be hard to coordinate a time when we are both on.  My best bet would be to try and find him at the same time it was when I met him, which was about 11 PM – 12 AM.  I just hope he leaves his gate open for us!

After I spoke with Katie, I walked her over to the gate.  I checked it in vain, expecting not to see any gates open.  However, I saw my friend Magoo’s gate open!  I quickly ditched the kitten and set off for Udrigle.  Magoo was working on chopping down trees so she can get Perfect Town status.  I helped a bit, considering I have a gold axe.  When her axes finally broke, we went back to Shaolin to get more!


Hanging out in Udrigle...
Hanging out in Udrigle...


Someone must have let the word out that my gates were open, because soon Vella from Doomdoom joined us!  We spent some time fishing and chatting.  I finally caught the barbel steeds that I needed to give to some townies.  Canda also stopped by afterwards, but he couldn’t stay long, as he said he was distracted by real life things.  Can’t blame him for that!  LOL 


Magoo, Squirt and Vella
From left to right: Magoo, Squirt and Vella

I just recently was able to get my hands on the Pirate outfit, thanks to Vella!  It looks really good with the Pirate Hat and Eye Patch.  I wanted to go to the city and get matching shoes, but it was snowing there!  😦  I did go to the Marquee, to watch Frillard perform “Thought.”


Its Frillard!
It's Frillard!

As you can tell, I’ve still been able to save a few photos to my SD card.  But it’s still being finicky.  I had to email the Frillard picture to myself because it wouldn’t let me save.  Oh well, at least I can take a few pics and save them!

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