Is Relying on First-Party Titles a Bad Thing?

I don't know why I read these articles that I know will make me mad. But I can't help myself. Yesterday, I read this article from Business Insider: I thought, "Seriously? Having amazing first-party content is seen as a BAD thing? Was this written by an Xbox fanboy or what??" Citing Super Smash Bros. …

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No, the 2/3DS System isn’t Dead

I just read an article on NintendoLife that I firmly disagreed with and so decided to write my OWN blog about why, in fact, the 2/3DS family of systems should NOT be put out to pasture. First off, let's pick apart that terrible article. It starts by revering the 3DS and appreciating the vast library …

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Frickin’ Flickr

Since the inception of this website, the Glux Blog has been a supporter of Flickr and relied on it's photo hosting services to share graphics from all of my video games. In fact, you may have noticed the Flickr Photostream widget that has ALWAYS been on the side of my blog. Originally, I was …

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