No, the 2/3DS System isn’t Dead

I just read an article on NintendoLife that I firmly disagreed with and so decided to write my OWN blog about why, in fact, the 2/3DS family of systems should NOT be put out to pasture.

First off, let’s pick apart that terrible article. It starts by revering the 3DS and appreciating the vast library of awesome games that have brought hours of gaming fun to Nintendo fans for the past 8 years. Then, it uses poor sales numbers for the most recent 2/3DS games released this past holiday season as the reason that Nintendo should abandon the system. What??

I think that is preposterous. I mean, the recently released games probably just sold poorly because they weren’t popular. Luigi’s Mansion was a port from the original GC game. Mario & Bowser’s Inside Story is not exactly something that caters to hardcore gamers. With so many other options during the holiday season, why would we expect those niche titles to carry the 2/3DS family in sales in Q4?

While it may be fair to say that the target market of the 2/3DS family may be changing, that should not correlate to the demise of the system entirely! I think with smart marketing, Nintendo can keep the 2/3DS family alive for years to come! How??

The 2DS is a great console because:

  • It doesn’t use the 3D features that a lot of people didn’t like
  • Less likely for kids to break ’em
  • Lower price point than the Nintendo Switch = more accessible to families
  • Literally huge library of games that are awesome

Case in point – my nieces are very young children. They share a Wii U, my older niece has a 3DS and my younger niece plays on the 2DS. My sister feels good about letting her younger child play 2DS because it doesn’t have a clam-shell design, so no hinges to break. And even if my niece tosses that 2DS across the room (tho I hope she doesn’t), it’s only $125 to replace. Let’s not forget that 3DS games are less expensive than Switch games as well. Plus I gave them nerf cases to protect their game systems. Compare that to the Nintendo Switch, which is $300, games are $60, and I have yet to see a Switch case that would protect it from an accidental drop in the middle of handheld game play! (I’d get one for myself! If you know of one please send me a link in the comments lol!)

Not to mention the fact that kids under, let’s say 10, are unlikely to have already played all of the games in the 3DS library. So all of those awesome games that were acknowledged in the NintendoLife article (Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, etc.), saying that they had made the system great back in the day? Those games can still have new life and be relevant for a new generation of younger gamers that are growing up right now! Why abandon a system that can be easily targeted to a younger demographic?

I’d like to also note that I still have my 3DS and I still play it occasionally. If Nintendo released a game for 3DS that I wanted, I would gladly buy it! There just aren’t any right now.

What do you think? Has the 2/3DS lifespan come to an end, or is it still going strong?


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