Pretty blah morning in Shaolin.  It's cloudy, no special visitors to be found, not even many townies seem to be out.  In hopes of getting a little more excitement, Squirt headed straight for the city.  Of course, Phineas was there AGAIN!  Hooray!  I got an extra bubble wand.  I also put a Kadomatsu on display …

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The week is almost over already!  I clearly spend wayyy too much time playing this game!  Oh well, lol! Spent much of the morning in Nookington's placing orders, because Squirt wants to help out some of his pals!  Friends like Vella and No Name have been kind enough to drop off some MUCH needed items. …

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I won the Dab Fishing Tourney!  I received a Silver Trophy in the mail.  So I guess the silver doesn't mean second best, it's just a different trophy for a different tournament.  Interesting! Daisy wants a centipede. There's another weather report posted today about yet another meteor shower.  The skies are much more active in …

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