Weather Report:  Meteor shower scheduled to occur this evening.  Again!

There’s a TNP Special coming up on the 7th.  Soon I’ll be able to order the Link costume!

AM turnip price is 68 bells.

Oh boy, Phineas is in the city again today!  I got a blue pinwheel for a change.

Redd’s shop has restocked.  He’s got a Black Katana, a Serene Painting (I think I have that one already?) and a Sprinkler.  I want to get the Black Katana but it’s 24,000 bells!  I don’t have that much on me, and I don’t want to take out from my ATM account.  Guess I have to go back home and rack up some bells first…

Hmm, I bought the painting just to see what would happen.  Blathers said that since there was already one being exhibited in the museum, that this one was probably fake.  But he didn’t say definitely!

Pascal is in town as well!  He’s on the middle bridge this time.  Gotta go get my scallop…  Dammit!  That jerk gave me another Ship Deck.  Give me the friggin wallpaper, asshole!  😛

Squirt is going to throw a cracked axe at Serena to see if that makes any difference (I don’t think it will).

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was a regular axe.

Serena:  Honesty?  Huh, that’s refreshing…  Just because you told the truth, I’m going to give you a special gold axe…  Huh?  Oh, sorry!  Right now, I’m out of gold axes!  I do happen to have some silver axes lying around.  Want one of those?

I said “Yes, please.”

Serena:  Aah!  I’m…  I’m really, really sorry!  I’m out of silver axes, too!  …I guess I’m just going to have to give your regular axe back.  Ahh.  You should have acted like this from the beginning, instead of trying to make yourself look good.  Sorry to get your hopes up, but… don’t expect anything from this goddess anytime soon.  B’bye now!

Ugh!  What does she mean by “you should have acted like this from the beginning”?  And what’s up with saying that I was trying to make myself look good, lol?!  Is that a hint?  Or is this all just nonsense?  I don’t know if that was just random, but it did appear that she gave a better response with the cracked axe.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. I added you to my roster. Let me know when you’d like to try and meet up. If there’s anything you’d like to trade let me know, I might have it. Otherwise, I can just give you bells for the katana. 😉

    P.S. I totally hate Serena! I lucked out and got 1 silver axe, but I’ve yet to get a gold one. She got my hopes up today and then, of course, squashed them.

  2. I’ve had this response many, many times.. I think it’s totally random since I tried with my main character for over a month and still haven’t got anything, where one of my other characters tried for 2 or 3 times.. and got a silver axe!!!
    Isn’t that just plain annoying?!

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