I won the Dab Fishing Tourney!  I received a Silver Trophy in the mail.  So I guess the silver doesn’t mean second best, it’s just a different trophy for a different tournament.  Interesting!

  • Daisy wants a centipede.

There’s another weather report posted today about yet another meteor shower.  The skies are much more active in this game, I must say!

I wonder how old Joan is.  She says she’s been selling turnips for 60 years.  What is she, 80?  Maybe it’s time to retire, ol’ Joan…  She’s selling for 97 bells today.  I bought a batch of 60 and a batch of 70.

Whoa, I just went to the city randomly to visit the HRA, and Phineas is there again!  YAYYY!!!  Lol these balloons bring me such joy. Huzzah, I got a red bunny balloon!!  There are four new emotion shows at the Marquee too.  

I learned Mischief, which is cute but you can’t see it if I’m wearing the Samus helmet.

There is a sale going on at GracieGrace.  I wonder how cheap it’ll be…  Whoa three pieces of furniture, and the wallpaper and carpet have ‘sold out’ already!  Yay I think that means that the winter season is going to end in February.  I caved in and bought the armchair for 72K.  

Well that was quite a productive day in the city!

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