Caught a Tuna first thing this morning.  Nice!  Monique is sick, gotta go start the medicine regime again!

AM turnip price is 76 bells.

  • Peanut wants a popeyed goldfish.
  • Bree wants a shark tooth.

OMG new neighbor!!  I thought it was going to take a week?  It’s Apollo, and he’s some huge eagle!  Cool!  At least it’s not an annoying little bird.  He’s bad ass!  He lives directly next to the path leading to Able’s and Town Hall.  Luckily my path isn’t ruined…


New Townie Apollo
New Townie Apollo



Oooh, Tom Nook is asking me about the store.  He wants to know if he should change it to one of the older versions.  I think I’ll keep Nookington’s for now, even though the hours suck.  There’s so much more variety, and I want a chance to get the silver tools!  I chose “Variety” and I hope that was the right answer, lol!

Phineas is in the city!  Huzzah!  I got a purple bunny balloon.  I think I already have this one?…

PM turnip price is 72 bells.

Edit:  I’d like to take a moment to note something interesting.  Yesterday I mentioned that there are no volcanos or fault lines on the East Coast of the USA.  Well, apparently last night there was an earthquake in New Jersey that registered 2.9.  Soo…. yes we are on a fault line!  I spoke too soon.  I never claimed to be a meteorologist!

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