Sad Detective Pikachu

Sigh... I haven't seen Detective Pikachu yet. I want to go with my friends and our schedules couldn't coordinate this weekend. So I am just waiting until next weekend and avoiding as many spoilers as I can until then. I hear it's really good! Maybe I'll do a film review afterwards or something! No spoilers …

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Pikachu is Better than Eevee

The next spin-off Pokémon game is coming out on the Nintendo Switch next week and it's coming out with two titles: Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee! Naturally, this has sparked much debate over which game to get, and which Pokémon is ultimately BEST. I'm here to settle the score once and for all. The …

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Detective Pikachu Review

What. A. Weird. Game. Nope, overall I'm not happy with the new game "Detective Pikachu" which came out for Nintendo 3DS last week. For those who are unaware, Detective Pikachu is based on an upcoming movie that isn't out until next year. And Detective Pikachu is not like other Pikachus, with their cute squeaky …

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