Giant Petaltail, Jellyfish, and DLC… Oh My!

Summer may be winding down, but there’s plenty going on in Animal Crossing!  I still had to catch the Giant Petaltail and Jellyfish this month.  As I explained in my previous entry, I recently chopped down ALL the trees, and dug up and hid my flowers.  I did this to give rare bugs a better chance of appearing more often, as well as to give myself a better chance at actually chasing them.

It seems to have paid off already!  I got my tarantula the other night, and then yesterday while playing at around 6:15 pm:

Giant Petaltail!
Giant Petaltail!

I think I got really lucky with this catch.  I noticed it zooming West from the Town Hall… which meant there wasn’t much space for him to get far away from me.  I chased it to the wall, as you can see.  Then the GP had to turn south to try and escape me, so during it’s slight pause I swiped my net and snagged it.  What a relief, I caught it without having to destroy the grass much at all!

This basically means that I can start reconstructing Shaolin again.  Yay!  I think I will wait until next week.  I will have my gate open TOMORROW (Sunday!) starting at 9pm for the Fireworks Show.  Leave a comment if you’re planning on coming!  Or send me an email.  Or whatever, be mean and don’t come!  😦  lol

Today is the 15th.  That means “mid-August,” which is the only time that Jellyfish can be caught.  Not only that, but apparently August 15th is DLC Day – all three major regions received DLC today!  USA, EU and JP!  I haven’t managed to take a trip to the UK yet (hopefully soon!) but I did receive the USA DLC, which is a “Hopscotch Floor.”  I placed it in my room… and was a little disappointed.  But I think it would probably match the Chainlink Fence wallpaper pretty well.  The JP DLC is called the “Eggplant Cow.”  Obviously, I went to Japan to pick it up for myself and Vella.

Thrones and Eggplant Cow
Thrones and Eggplant Cow

Chokomaru had built himself a cool throne room.  You can see the Eggplant Cow on the table, next to the crown.  I tried to ask Chokomaru what the Eggplant Cow is for, and he couldn’t explain.  I asked if it was for kids and he said no.  Soooo I’m at a loss lol!  His throne room looks awesome.  I didn’t realize he was THAT rich!  lol  Anyone who has 12 thrones and a royal crown in their room has GOT to be loaded.

I’m going to be setting up a throne room in Dan’s house soon.  He actually REQUESTED it.  Shocking!  Anyway, back to the story…

After checking out the new throne room, we set off for the beach.  I needed to catch the Jellyfish!  I wasn’t sure how small the shadow was supposed to be.  I saw a tiny shadow, but it was only a clownfish.  Then I tried a shadow that looked like it would be a horse mackerel.  But instead, a jellyfish came out!  Hooray!


So it was a VERY productive morning.  Today is now the Bug Off and I’m going to see if I can submit one of my scorpions.  I might add to this post later today if anything exciting happens.

5 thoughts on “Giant Petaltail, Jellyfish, and DLC… Oh My!

  1. I hadn’t set up the wii yet (still haven’t), so no visiting for me this morning. I knew it was iffy. Grats on the jellyfish. I was wondering if they came out today or tomorrow.

    No pictures of the hopscotch floor? Guess I’ll just have to get off my butt and plug the game in.

    Soooo jealous of the petaltail. soooo jealous. ww

  2. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    I have cut down almost all trees in my town except for the fruit trees. Could this also increase the chance of a giant petaltail appearing, perchance? I would cut down the fruit trees, but I won’t deal with transporting all the fruit, nor will I handle getting attacked attacked by bees. I wonder why Nintendo programmed those in. Anyway, goodbye.

    1. gluxbox

      Jay, chopping down trees doesn’t actually affect the chances of seeing a Giant Petaltail. However, if you do chop down as many trees as you can, you will have an easier time FINDING and CHASING down this super fast bug. So that’s why I had chopped everything down. It made life soooo much easier. Then I just replanted what I wanted, after I caught the Petaltail.

  3. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    Wouldn’t the data of the bugs found on flowers and trees be impossible to find by the game if there are no trees or flowers, including coconut palms? I admit this, but ever since reading this, I have thought up any possible methods of obtaining something as rare as the Giant Petaltail, at least the Banded Dragonfly. Maybe I’ll look around in October and see if I can find one. Thank you for advice.

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