Bug Off & Recap

Terribly sorry to all my readers who have been wondering what happened to my regular blogging!  I decided to take a short break from AC after nights of searching for Tarantulas and Scorpions and having no success.  It was frustrating and I just decided to stop trying.

I came to this decision last weekend, after the Bug Off.  Squirt did very well in the Bug Off, thanks to all the rare bugs he’d caught earlier in the month and stored upstairs in his house.


In case you’re wondering, here’s the scores Squirt got for his rare bug donations:

  • Giant Beetle – 84 points
  • Atlas Beetle – 87 points
  • Elephant Beetle – 77, 92, 93
  • Cyclommatus – 84, 90, 105!
  • Hercules – 115!!

Yes, that’s right.  Squirt got 115 points for his Hercules Beetle!  My goal for this Bug Off was to beat Vella’s previous score of 101 points.  I was pretty psyched about the 105 point Cyclommatus, but the Hercules score was just crazy!  I don’t know if the scores go any higher than that.  Has anyone received a higher score??  Please comment if you have!

After that victory, Squirt decided to retire for a week.  I’m hoping that after not playing this character for a while, it will be easier to find rare bugs once that character returns.  So Deb has been filling in, watering the flowers and checking the inventory at the shops.  (She still has a huge catalog to fill, after all!)  There was supposed to be US DLC released on the 20th, but nothing came.  I went to visit ちょこまる to pick up a Morning Glory flower, which was released that day as well.  Apparently it was too early in the morning and I forgot to take photos.

The week went on without much incident since I wasn’t playing that much.  But one afternoon Deb stepped into Able’s Shop and made a shocking discovery:

DimentioMsk Discovered
DimentioMsk Discovered

Well, I decided to just buy the stupid DimentioMsk and wear it around since it’s stuck in my game anyway.  I guess it’s cooler than the clown mask… but whatever.  Stupid HDLC!  WAHHH!  😛

Then on Thursday (I think?) I was informed that Pete had FINALLY gotten around to delivering the new US DLC.  Better late than never?  Deb tried to give Pete a lecture about delivering things on time but he just walked off, babbling about how his boss gets mad if he doesn’t finish all his deliveries.  So I guess he’s already in enough trouble!  lol

Letter from Nintendo
Letter from Nintendo

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the DLC was released the day after I called NOA Customer Support to complain about the late DLC?

Anyway, the Dolphin Model was a bit of a let-down.  It’s small.  It doesn’t do anything, like move or make a sound.  And I don’t know much about Pikmin.  Sooo…. yeah.

It was my intention to have Squirt remain on vacation until the Flea Market.  I logged in today, thinking it was the Flea Market.  Of course, I was mixed up about the dates.  I did this last month as well.  LOL I just don’t learn.  Even Broccolo was making fun of Squirt for getting the date mixed up.

I Forgot!
I Forgot!

So I went to the city and put a Red Vase on display at the Auction House.  Only 500 bells!  Bid on it next week, people!!  While in the city, I decided to stop in at GracieGrace to see if anything was left in stock.  These end of the season sales really get crazy at the end of the month!  I ran into a former Shaolin resident, Peanut, while I was there!  She’s apparently been considering showing off some skin… lol!

I dont think she has ankles...
I don't think she has ankles...

So that’s what you’ve missed this week in Shaolin!  Nothing too exciting.  Hopefully I’ll remember to log in for the Flea Market tomorrow, and maybe have better luck at catching a creepy crawly!  Or at least get Squirt to work on his tan…

3 thoughts on “Bug Off & Recap

  1. I’m glad to see Squirt has returned from his hiatus. I have a bunch of fish in my room to sell tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll rake in some bells.

    Good luck if you resume hunting the tarantula and scorpion. I saw a scorpion tonight and tried (very slowly) to follow him, but he vanished.

    I am totally giving you credit for the Dolphin Model delivery. If you hadn’t called and complained they never would have sent it. LOL

  2. Thanks for the tips for flea market last time.
    I successful sold my rare fish and bugs at double price to my animal neighbors., and earned quite a lot.
    I still have tons of bugs to catch, hopefully I can buy some rare bugs and fish from your animal neighbor in the next flea market.

    1. gluxbox

      YAY! I’m glad you were able to make some money. I wish I had made a little more than I did… but no need to be greedy when you’re rich, I suppose! lol

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