The Bug-Off!

For your reference, here is a list of approximate scores for each bug you might submit to the Bug-Off:  Nat’s Wiki Page

The Bug-Off!
The Bug-Off!

I’ve been hunting bugs all week in preparation for this bug tournament.  The Judge, known as Nat, claims he doesn’t want to eat any of the submissions.  But I don’t quite believe him.  Elise has set the bar high this morning, with a Tiger Butterfly that scored 52 points!

As per my experiment, I am going to post the scores and the color of the bug cage for each of my submissions to the contest.

  • Darner Dragonfly – GOLD cage – 35 Points
  • Peacock – GOLD cage – 66 Points
  • Oak Silk Moth – GOLD cage – 82 Points
  • Agrias Butterfly – PINK cage – 62 Points
  • Rainbow Stag – PINK cage – 88 Points
  • Emperor – PINK cage – 69 Points
  • Lantern Fly – PINK cage – 82 Points
  • Goliath Beetle – PINK cage – 91 Points

So according to my Rarity Research, I’m going to have to conclude that pink bug cages are a sign of extremely rare bugs.  I know that the Oak Silk Moth scored pretty high, but you have to keep in mind that this moth is HUGE and size is also a factor.  But if you think about it, the Rainbow Stag is a SMALL beetle and it scored higher than the Oak Silk Moth.  At the end of the day, this is my deciding factor:  the lowest score I received for a bug in a gold cage was 35.  The lowest score I received for a pink caged bug was 62 points.  Sounds like I’ve got all the proof I need!

I must say, I was cringing the whole time while handing over these bugs.  They are ALL worth a decent amount of money, so part of me felt like I was throwing my money away.  But, on the other hand, this was an experiment!  Plus I want to WIN!  So it’s worth it, I suppose.  😛  And I’d also like to point out that Nat gave me not one but TWO fire hydrants as prizes for beating my previous score.  WTF?  lol

I just caught a Raja Brooke.  I put the bug in my house to see what color cage it lives in.  The cage is PURPLE.  Meh??  I didn’t know there were purple ones.  Let’s see how it scores.  82 points!  Not bad.  But now I have NO idea where purple stands as far as rarity.  I think I should give up on this experiment…  lol

Margie Looks Jealous!
Margie Looks Jealous!

2 thoughts on “The Bug-Off!

  1. I had to abandon the bug off to go to work (bleh) but I managed to win with the one bug I caught–a rainbow stag. But I seem to remember it only being worth like 75 points. Maybe it was small… Anyway, my first trophy!

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