The Last Bug-Off

Yesterday, I went on a trip to Hang to visit Miao!

Vella, Squirt and Miao
Vella, Squirt and Miao

Vella came along as well, so we were able to hang out in hang!  LOL!  Miao was nice enough to drop off all the remaining shirts that I had on my list, so I am extremely thankful for that!  Now all I need are a few shirts that you have to ‘earn’ in the game, such as the shirts you get from Jack on Halloween.  Those two shirts are ugly anyway, and I figured it’d be more fun to do it legitimately.

Back to business.  Today was a busy day.  First of all, my friends in Europe received new DLC today from Wendell.  It’s a “Dirndl Dress” pattern, which I’m told is a traditional German dress.  Ifetayo was nice enough to drop by and leave a copy of the new pattern at my Able’s Shop.  Thank you Ifetayo!

Dirndl Dress
Dirndl Dress

If you’d like to take home a copy of this pattern, just let me know and we’ll coordinate something!  🙂

After that, it was time to focus on the task at hand:  The Bug-Off.  Not just that, but the FINAL Bug-Off of the year.  Last month, Vella had an extraordinary score of 118 points, and I was on a quest to beat that.  I had a bunch of bugs stashed upstairs in my house, in addition to the six scorpions I had in my main room.  I figured it would be easy to top that high score.

I donated five different Birdwings.  None of them surpassed 102 points.  The Giant Beetle, Rainbow Stag, Elephant Beetle and the Scarab Beetle all scored below a hundred points, which was pretty disappointing.  I had an Oak Silk Moth that earned 101 points.  The Hercules Beetle earned a hefty 111 points.  But the closest I came was with my Golden Stag, which received 112 points.

Next I debated whether or not to donate my Giant Petaltail.  Surely it was going to get me a top score, right?  Nope.  105 points.  Maybe if I had caught a few of them I might have gotten a better score.  Then I started donating my scorpions, but to my dismay they scored extremely low:  76, 85… 66 points?!?!?!  I decided to save my remaining scorpion for the Flea Market instead of wasting it on Nat.

Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with the results.

Burn Nat, Burn!
Burn Nat, Burn!

I was already kinda pissed at Nat because his little tent set-up trampled a bunch of fireworks I had lying in front of the Town Hall.  I ended up moving the rest to a safe storage area.  But I left one roman candle in my pocket to burn Nat’s stupid lizard legs off!  😛

Crazy, but not the best.
Crazy, but not the best.

Gala might have been impressed, but I sure wasn’t!  Ahh well.  Now I really will have to wait until next year, I guess!  lol

Since Squirt was preoccupied with the Bug-Off, he didn’t notice that there was another visitor in Shaolin as well.  The extra visitor went undetected until Deb logged in to pick up the GC Dresser DLC.

Katies baaaaaack!
Katie's baaaaaack!

Ohhhhh jeez.  It’s that brat Katie, who never seems to know the meaning of “Don’t run off.”  Maybe it’s because she has so much trouble trying to keep up with someone that she’s following.  Regardless, it turns out that Katie’s mom is still in Hang.  I guess they got separated last night.  So Miao, if you’re reading this… let me know the next time you plan to open your gates!  😀

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