Shaolin Year in Review

I meant to make this a little sooner but I just never got around to it.  But finally, I have created my first annual “Shaolin Year in Review” video!  Well, it’s actually a slideshow of my favorite photos and events from November 2008 – November 2009.  It’s not very fancy or anything, but I hope you like it!

Note:  I literally have over a THOUSAND photos from the past year.  These pictures are only a small sample.  Please visit my Flickr page to see all my old photos… well, as far back as my free account will allow.  Or go thru the Shaolin Blog Archives, there’s some old photos from last year in those old entries too!

6 thoughts on “Shaolin Year in Review

    1. gluxbox

      LOL I know, I wished I could set the photos for longer but the K.K. Slider songs are so short! And I couldn’t figure out how to put more than one song in my slideshow. Soo…. this was the best I could do. 😦

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