New Season, New Neighbor


King Squirt was very sad.  His favorite albino bunny was moving away.  Ruby told him she was bored about a week ago, and she made up her mind to move out of Shaolin.  Nothing he said would change her mind.  Her boxes were all packed up, but she complained about having to clean up the place.  King Squirt could do nothing to stop her.  He told Deb, who just happens to live right next door to Ruby, to talk some sense into her.  But again, Ruby refused to listen to any pleading.  It was set in stone.

The next day, it was very dark outside.  King Squirt noticed that the winds had changed, and heard a faint jingle sound in the air.

First Snow

It was the first snow of the season!  But of course, it was bittersweet once King Squirt stumbled upon the empty plot of land where Ruby’s house used to be.  Sometimes you just have to move on, so King Squirt decided that the changing of the seasons, and his neighbors, was a good thing.  New faces for the new year!

Much to his surprise, a new neighbor arrived the following day!

Meet Alli

Well, I can’t say I can complain about having the exotic Alli Gator join the Shaolin community!  I love her makeup choices.  Clearly she knows how to work her greatest assets.  While she looks snobby, she has been fairly nice so far.  We’ll see how she competes with Friga for the snootiest animal!  Though I sense that Friga will be preoccupied, since she and Puck seem to be little lovebirds (or love penguins?) lately.

Friga loves Puck!

They would be great together wouldn’t they?  Two short, fat little penguins… it’s a match made in heaven!  lol

Now, for some DLC news:

December 17th:  Japanese DLC will be released, the クリスマスリース!  Also known as, the Christmas Wreath!

Christmas Wreath

December 21st:  USA DLC will be released, the Snowman Head!

Snowman Head

And of course, don’t forget about Jingle, who will be visiting on Christmas Eve!  Not to mention New Year’s Eve!  This is going to be a busy month!  XD

3 thoughts on “New Season, New Neighbor

  1. haha, the penguins are really cute x3
    And what beautiful shirt is Ruby wearing!! 😮 Is it a selfdesigned pattern? ^^
    The snowman head is just funny 😆

    1. gluxbox

      Ruby was wearing a Dirndl Dress pattern, which was an EU DLC from Wendell. I think it came out during the fall. I wish I could design something like that, but sadly… I can’t. 😛

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