The Ghost and the King

Weather Report

Brrr!  Can’t you feel that chill in the air?  I can… but I think that’s cuz my heater’s not working.  😛  I don’t really remember seeing snow at the end of last November in AC… but maybe I’m mistaken.  Anyway, Squirt’s birthday is fast approaching.  So of course he sent out jack-in-the-box’s to everyone in town.  (I had like 12 of them in front of Town Hall.)  I wonder who will bring Squirt his birthday cake?

In other news, the day I’ve awaited for a long time has finally come.


Elise is finally talking about leaving Shaolin!  It only took weeks of ignoring her and burying pitfall seeds in front of her house.  Sheesh!

Yesterday, as [King] Squirt was wandering around town looking for a piece of Mushroom furniture, he noticed something shiny and yellow on the ground.  An empty lamp!  It’s been quite a while since I’d seen one of these around.  So of course, later that night I logged in to find Wisp!

Jay aint scared of no ghosts!

Jay did a pretty good job of finding Wisp for me!  (Kings usually let their royal subjects do all the work, after all…)  Squirt had a nice chat with Wisp about living in lamps and then Wisp instructed him to rub the lamp from the attic in his house.  Such is the protocol.  Squirt rushed home, wondering what a guy who has everything should wish for…

I want a Ghost Butler!

Up in the ROYAL attic (as you can see, King Squirt only sleeps in a GORGEOUS canopy bed), Wisp came out and wanted to know what Squirt’s wish would be.  First I chose “Weed!” because I thought perhaps there were weeds around town that I hadn’t yet picked.  But Wisp was very polite and said, “Umm, there really aren’t many weeds in your town.  Would you like to pick something else?”  I was pretty shocked at being given a second chance at the wish!  Since there’s not much of a cockroach problem in Shaolin (nothing that a few stomping feet can’t handle, anyway…) I opted for “Give me stuff!”

But I already have all the ‘stuff.’  My catalog is basically complete.  I didn’t think it was likely that Wisp was going to give me a Nook Point item or anything special like that.  I ended up choosing “Accessory,” with a small hope that Wisp might give me one of the very special colored Feathers that I still needed.  But what did he give me?

A DimentioMsk HDLC!!

I didn’t know if I should be laughing or disgusted.  😛

4 thoughts on “The Ghost and the King

  1. Elise… I believe she was one of those really rare characters in Wild World, right? Does that still apply?

    And if it’s possible, I’d love to come to your town!
    Name: Marissa
    Town: Arcadia
    Friend Code: 0388-6711-8561

  2. tirovonne

    lol @ the DimentioMsk HDLC

    Anyway, I think that you wont be given any feathers from Wisp, mainly cos they’re an “achievement” or only gotten from a character imported from Wild World who has it.


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