The Ghost and the King

Brrr!  Can't you feel that chill in the air?  I can... but I think that's cuz my heater's not working.  😛  I don't really remember seeing snow at the end of last November in AC... but maybe I'm mistaken.  Anyway, Squirt's birthday is fast approaching.  So of course he sent out jack-in-the-box's to everyone in …

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Tuesday – PM Wisp!

At 8:30 PM I turned my game on, expecting to have to search for Wisp.  Squirt checked the mail, then walked maybe 4 steps.  Squirt's house is in the south east side of Shaolin, down by the beach, in case you're wondering.  A voice asked for Squirt to come closer.  Another two steps, and Wisp …

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