The Ghost and the King

Weather Report

Brrr!  Can’t you feel that chill in the air?  I can… but I think that’s cuz my heater’s not working.  😛  I don’t really remember seeing snow at the end of last November in AC… but maybe I’m mistaken.  Anyway, Squirt’s birthday is fast approaching.  So of course he sent out jack-in-the-box’s to everyone in town.  (I had like 12 of them in front of Town Hall.)  I wonder who will bring Squirt his birthday cake?

In other news, the day I’ve awaited for a long time has finally come.


Elise is finally talking about leaving Shaolin!  It only took weeks of ignoring her and burying pitfall seeds in front of her house.  Sheesh!

Yesterday, as [King] Squirt was wandering around town looking for a piece of Mushroom furniture, he noticed something shiny and yellow on the ground.  An empty lamp!  It’s been quite a while since I’d seen one of these around.  So of course, later that night I logged in to find Wisp!

Jay aint scared of no ghosts!

Jay did a pretty good job of finding Wisp for me!  (Kings usually let their royal subjects do all the work, after all…)  Squirt had a nice chat with Wisp about living in lamps and then Wisp instructed him to rub the lamp from the attic in his house.  Such is the protocol.  Squirt rushed home, wondering what a guy who has everything should wish for…

I want a Ghost Butler!

Up in the ROYAL attic (as you can see, King Squirt only sleeps in a GORGEOUS canopy bed), Wisp came out and wanted to know what Squirt’s wish would be.  First I chose “Weed!” because I thought perhaps there were weeds around town that I hadn’t yet picked.  But Wisp was very polite and said, “Umm, there really aren’t many weeds in your town.  Would you like to pick something else?”  I was pretty shocked at being given a second chance at the wish!  Since there’s not much of a cockroach problem in Shaolin (nothing that a few stomping feet can’t handle, anyway…) I opted for “Give me stuff!”

But I already have all the ‘stuff.’  My catalog is basically complete.  I didn’t think it was likely that Wisp was going to give me a Nook Point item or anything special like that.  I ended up choosing “Accessory,” with a small hope that Wisp might give me one of the very special colored Feathers that I still needed.  But what did he give me?

A DimentioMsk HDLC!!

I didn’t know if I should be laughing or disgusted.  😛


Tuesday – PM Wisp!

At 8:30 PM I turned my game on, expecting to have to search for Wisp.  Squirt checked the mail, then walked maybe 4 steps.  Squirt’s house is in the south east side of Shaolin, down by the beach, in case you’re wondering.  A voice asked for Squirt to come closer.  Another two steps, and Wisp appeared!  

Its a ghost!!!

It's a ghost!!!

Wisp started asking if Squirt had seen a lamp.  An empty lamp, which was important to him.  He said he would search for it himself, but he was afraid… of ghosts.  What?  I thought he was a ghost!  I’m totally confused.  But Squirt also happens to have two empty lamps, because he found one a while back but forgot to look for Wisp at night.  So now I have two, and hopefully I’ll be able to get two wishes instead of one!  We’ll see…

Why is a ghost scared of ghosts?

Why is a ghost scared of ghosts?

Up in the attic, Squirt opened his pockets.  There were still two lamps in there.  But one of them said “empty lamp” and the other said “magic lamp”!  So I guess there won’t be two wishes after all.  But I guess I have a backup if I run into Wisp sometime and I can’t find the lamp?  Seems kind of unlikely…

Time for my wish!

Time for my wish!

Now, it’s time for the ultimate question.  What do I want Wisp to do?  Get rid of all the weeds in town?  Smash roaches?  Or give me stuff?  I think I’m pretty good about picking my own weeds.  There are definitely no roaches in anyone’s house.  So I guess I’m going for the item… although I heard it’s not really anything rare at all!

Wisp asked if I want furniture, a hat, accessory or clothes.  Ugh, tough question!  I dunno… I guess I’ll go for furniture, and hope for the best!  OK I got a Bottled Ship!  At least it wasn’t something I already had!


What an exciting night Squirt had last night!  He met two new wifi friends, and it was a lot of fun!  First Squirt went to a far-away place called Higarden, the home of Vella 2, where the seasons are opposite!  It was June in Higarden, and there was beautiful green grass everywhere.  Squirt was very excited to see butterflies flitting in the air around his head, and used his new Gold Net to snag some great stuff – a Tiger Butterfly, an Agrias Butterfly, a Raja Brooke (new to CF?), and a Darner Dragonfly.  Not bad for starters!  I also got a few fish – a Frog, a huge Giant Snakehead, and a Surgeonfish.  Blathers was beside himself when Squirt brought home all the spoils of his journey.





Another thing Squirt picked up in Higarden was a really cute ‘yellow brick road’ design pattern, which he has now furnished all across Shaolin.  I think the new road system is much better now!  And who WOULDN’T want to stay on the path, when it looks like the yellow brick road?

But that wasn’t it for Squirt last night!  As he was finishing up his new path system, a new friend strolled through the gates.  It was Bubbzi, from Potville!  Squirt showed Bubbzi around, and then they decided to visit Potville as well!  It was almost shocking – there was even less snow in Potville than in Shaolin!  But, I could quickly tell that the citizens didn’t care much, because they were running around without a care in the world!   Maybe Shaolin needs to lighten up a bit… but we like how snow looks!  


Bubbzi found a Gold Slingshot!

Bubbzi "found" a Gold Slingshot!


Bubbzi was very generous.  She gave Squirt over a million bells!  Squirt could barely make it to the ABD, his pockets were so full!  Bubbzi had to carry half the money bags over to the Town Hall for him!  It was very nice of her.  Hopefully this is only the start of some great new friendships!


Hanging out with Bubbzi

Hanging out with Bubbzi



Things have been pretty quiet this morning.  Almost… too quiet.  Eerily calm.  Squirt was walking along his new paths, making sure nothing had been overlooked, when he spotted something glittering, just off the path by Curly’s house.  It was an Empty Lamp!  Last time Squirt found one of these, he messed up and forgot to look for Wisp at night.  Hopefully it won’t happen again!  Although I’m a little weary, because I’m not quite sure how long that lamp has been there.  Sure it’s off the path, but I think I would have noticed it, if it was there yesterday.  I’m pretty sure anyway!  We’ll hope for the best, I guess.  I’ll log in late at night and see if I can find this silly ghost.  And since I happen to have an extra lamp, maybe I can get two wishes out of the deal!  It’s worth a shot, anyway!