Anniversary DLC

This is just a quick announcement…  the new US DLC has been released!  It’s for the 1 year anniversary of playing ACCF.  (This also means that King Squirt’s birthday is going to be any day now!  I wish I could remember what date I had set…  I’m guessing either the 17th or the 18th.  We shall see!)


I really like that pretty stationery.  Anyway, the new DLC was attached, it’s called the Anniversary Cake!

Anniversary Cake!

Isn’t it cute?  It’s an edible cake too.  And you can buy it over and over again from Tom Nook!  But it’s pretty expensive, I think it costs over 3,000 bells!  But Squirt was still tempted to shove it in his mouth…  Maybe he’ll steal a cake from Dan or Twinx, since they won’t be needing it.  Deb will probably add the cake to her Cafe.


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