Jack’s Back – and a RAINBOW!

This morning was unlike most mornings. My friend Vella recently returned home from her WEDDING (おめでと!パチーパチ!) and she’s been playing catch-up in her AC game. Today she was up to October 31st – which means, a Halloween Reprise! Although I slept late (today’s my day off and I was TIRED lol!) I was able to join in and help her complete her Spooky Set.

Attack Jack!

It was pretty annoying when he kept giving us Spooky Chairs, but in the end we were able to find all the assorted pieces to complete the set.  Whoo!!  I also managed to remember to take a photo of one of Jack’s rhymes.  He only does the rhyming thing if you DON’T give him candy:

He sounds like Dr. Seuss!

During the Halloween festivities, I ended up with my pockets full.  I decided to rush back to my own town to drop some stuff off.  When I returned to Shaolin, it was raining!  But it wasn’t really dark or cloudy… kinda like a sun shower.  I thought, “Maybe I’ll see a rainbow today.”  I’d just seen one last week while playing my Wild World game.  But I’ve never seen one in CF before.  Anyway, we continued playing, getting all the Jack prank-shirts and whatnot.  When it was time to stop playing (and go have lunch) I returned to Shaolin and it wasn’t raining anymore!  So of course I looked up at the sky to see…


Isn’t it cute?  I don’t know if it was already fading by the time I got home, but you can see it pretty clearly.  It’s cuter in CF than in WW, if you ask me.  🙂

Thanks, I see it.

But then Peaches kinda ruined it by calling me a biatch.  😛  Hehehehehehehe!!

Don’t forget, there’s new US DLC coming out soon!  The date hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.  I’ll post as soon as I know anything!

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