The Cherry Blossoms are still going strong!  It’s cute.  But I want rain!

As usual, not much is going on today.  Found a new Jacob’s Ladder, as well as a purple pansy.  That’s pretty cool!

Since it was a pretty ho-hum day, Deb tried to make it exciting by finding a Spider that Victoria had asked for.  Deb has to do it because she’s the only one who said yes.  Squirt accidentally said no and Vicky got all upset lol.  Anyway, Deb started shaking all the fruit trees in search for a spider.  None were around.  She was persistent but I guess spiders just didn’t want to be found.  In her frustration, Deb decided to play a little prank on Broccolo:

Raining on Broccolo!
Raining on Broccolo!

Ever wondered where Twinx has been?  You know, the character in Shaolin with a cat face?  Well, she’s been out of town on a little side job:  working at Pokemon Ranch!  As I’ve written before, I’ve been playing Pokemon Diamond a lot and recently downloaded Pokemon Ranch from the Wii Shop.  It’s really cute!  I like how you can take pictures of all the cutesy versions of the Pokemon.  Now I have a place to store all my unused Pokemon!

Twinx (and uh... Butthead) working at the Ranch!
Twinx (and uh... Butthead) working at the Ranch!

I’m not going to be around much tomorrow, since it’s Passover and I have to go to my parents’ house.  I’ll try to post a little something though!  I can’t imagine not blogging for a day lol!  It would ruin my streak.  😛

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