Cherry Blossoms in the air!
Cherry Blossoms in the air!

It’s time for Ohanami, the Cherry Blossom Festival!  It’s not really a holiday, but it’s super cute.  You know all these trees we all have, that turned pink?  Well, now the leaves from those trees are flitting through the air, and its almost like the confetti from Festivale.  It’s really cute!

Sweet, there’s an official notice on the Bulletin Board about Bunny Day!  April 12 – that’s 6 days away!  And on this upcoming Saturday, a new Fishing Tourney is coming!  Hopefully it won’t be of the Specific Fish variety…

Now it’s time for Vella’s party!  I headed through the gates to join in the festivitities.  Vella had a bunch of cute costumes set up at the gate.  I quickly jumped into an Orange costume (aka Citrus Shirt and Mandarin Cap).  Chokomaru and Jed joined us!  Hooray!  We went to Vella’s house to see her crazy Chess room!

Playing chess... AC style!
Playing chess... AC style!

Since it was the Cherry Blossom Festival, we couldn’t spend all day inside!  We went over to the Town Hall to hang out and whack each other with nets.  Jed had to go, but another one of Vella’s friends came by, Lana.  She was very nice too!  We took a nice group photo under the falling blossoms.

Nice group photo!
Nice group photo! Look, Chokomaru is dressed up as Dash from the Incredibles!

I couldn’t stay much longer after that, cuz I had to go have lunch!  I’m going to try and get back to the party later on this afternoon.  Be there or be square!

OH and before I forget, to all the American AC:CF players out there:  Another DLC is coming on Tax Day.  I dunno what it will be, I’ll post if I find out.  It better not be a calculator… lol  I also completed my AC:CF Cloning Guide, check it out if you want to learn the secrets of cloning!  But please, don’t just use it to cheat and get rich.  That’s lame.

One thought on “Monday

  1. AWW no wonder it was FULL!! 😦
    Chess room looks so cool! I am very impressed. I guess we can do so much with the different furnitures, eh?

    Thank you for uploading the cloning guide, I will read through and study about it!

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