Yay for Hump Day!  I always get excited to visit the city on Wednesdays.  You never know who’ll you’ll see in the big city!

Does anyone else think that the Cherry Blossoms have been intensifying?  I feel like I see more of them falling from the sky today than I did yesterday…

Haven’t noticed any new flowers yet.  That’s ok!  Tom Nook is selling a throne today.  Too bad I won’t be home to leave my gates open in case someone wants to buy it!  I’m NOT leaving my gates open while I’m not here… not after the recent STEALING of my Jacob’s Ladders!  I’m gonna be following all new visitors like a hawk from now on, so get used to it lol!

PHINEAS IS IN THE CITY!  He’s so great.  Now gimme something!  ARGH, he gave me another purple balloon!  I want a red balloon so bad.  Whyyyyy????  He must know that Squirt is a cross-dresser lol!

Congrats to Kelly, the (as Jed so eloquently put it) ‘token female character’ in Hazmat.  She has the Model Room in the HRA, for the ‘room that was the cutest.’  It was definitely cute – it had the Kiddie set, as well as some pink furniture.  Very cute indeed!  I also stopped over at the Marquee, but nothing new was playing.

And now it’s time for Crazy Redd.  Today I see a Black Katana, a Serene Painting, and a Computer.  I’m pretty sure I already have a Serene painting.  I’m going to buy it anyway, and if Blathers gives it back to me without confirming that it’s counterfeit, I’ll leave it at the gate for someone else to try.  Not wasting my money on the other two items!

Savannah in the city!
Savannah in the city!

I stopped over at GracieGrace to say hi to Label, and who did I spy in there?  That nuisance, Savannah!  I’d say she was following me, but clearly she was in the store before I was.  So I said hello, lol.

As I was leaving, I walked past Shampoodle’s.  No, maybe it was more like pacing back and forth outside the door.  I want to get a new hair color.  I decided to go in, and keep my haircut the same, but just get a crazy spring-like color to add a little pizazz.  So I went with green hair.  If I hate it, I’ll come back and change it tomorrow lol!

One thought on “Wednesday

  1. I’m playing AC vicariously through you until the Wii returns. Thanks for having such a great site and being so helpful and entertaining.

    We stored all the flowers in our houses and closets. Hopefully they’ll survive the servicing of the Wii. I just hope we don’t miss Bunny Day.

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